Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Adriano Mannino Ice Bucket Challenge

Accidentally put this on my Science Blog, so porting over where it belongs.. old video, but the charity for diseases never goes out of date....

Dec2014a Plans, Ideas, etc

Livestreams on delay for tournaments, little delay for cash games (or no delay with hole cards covered).
Take notes for HH reviews, cover topics during HH shows (or combine?).
Sell pieces for broadcasts for more interaction with audience.
HUD needed for some sites.
Small stakes blind experiment (don't look at hole cards).
Grind up low stakes faster than #RIU
Balanced shorter sessions for max winrate and lowest tilt.
CA law latest blog posts.
Lead in CA live streaming.
Investment posts.
Some forum chatter.
Balance with games.
Need webcam, better mic.

EDIT: Jan 2016 .. Just now getting this together, but the focus will be on games for now until CA law brings back poker, or I can afford to move to Canada.