Friday, November 28, 2014

The Return of Friendly Poker, join our PokerStars Home Game CLUB

Livestreaming both Poker and some League of Legends (and possibly Minecraft in the near future) over at Friendly Poker (  
On the main page, you can watch Athene and Tania Livestream on the left side and the poker or LoL livestream under the chat (or all 3 if you wish!)

4 Weekly Tournaments:
Friday 6pm PST (-8 UTC) normal 6max NLHE

Saturday 12pm PST Knockout 6max NLHE
Saturday 1pm PST  PLHE/PLO half/half mix 9max

Sunday 5pm PST HORSE limit

FP Club ID:
FP Invite Code:

Feel free to invite others to come chat and play at Friendly Poker!