Friday, February 28, 2014

Testing a BOOM player hand from PS...

this blog needs more HH's ;)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nevada and Delaware sign agreement to share player pools...

Via PokerNews:

The beginning of INTERstate poker, which will allow Nevada and Delaware to share player pools, and hopefully, NJ and every other state will follow suit, until we have the whole country once again able to play.

Which, of couse, we hope will lead to playing again with the entire world, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Thursday, February 20, 2014 - Say what? The Sunday Billion? - Say what? The Sunday Billion?

Play Money, but with TeamPros with Bounties on their heads, satellites to get in this $1mil tournament, which is good because I've grinded my play money up to $4mil, and pride myself on it too much to break bankroll rules even for this, so I guess I better go find these satellites, one of my preferred and proven methods for winning entry into larger events.. and one of the largest reasons I miss PokerStars real money play in the US.  I never needed a backer before, but now it's a real concern until they make it back to the US....(as far as real money goes)

Confirmed Pros registered so far:
barryg1 - Barry Greenstein  @barrygreenstein
BryanHuang (Singapore)  @BryanHuang_
dwilliams (Canada)  @dwpoker
Henrique.P (Portugal)


Friday, February 14, 2014

Sheldon Adelson's Hypocritical "Click a Mouse and Lose Your House" campaign

@StopNetGambling = Sheldon Adelson at work ...

With the slogan "Click a Mouse and Lose Your House"

This coming from Sheldon Adelsonchairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited which operates The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center

It's time to start the #HYPOCRITE campaign, on all media sources available: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc...

Right Now.

He's got a lot of money and profit motivation at his disposal, which he obviously will try to disguise with a heartfelt "I care about problem gambling" campaign, so it will take NUMBERS from the masses, those of us who have been living without Online Poker legality in the US for over 2.5 years already.

Let his campaign have the reverse effect of drawing attention to the Poker regulation problems here in the United States of America, and possibly see a resolution sooner than expected in the end.  Share via all media sources, make parody songs, memes, political satirical comics, whatever is your cup of tea...

Share something now.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Play Money Sites Mini Report 1

Updated Site Totals:
119 Mil Zynga
3.1 Mil PokerStars client
7.0 Mil IveyPoker
2.4 Mil FreshDeck
1.0 Mil PokerStars FB app .. finally!

I hate the java software lag on PokerStars.Net app, causing misclicks, and it gets worse the longer you play it (memory leaks?).  but for one table, it's a great idea to bring in casual players.  The "float" quest in the "Tours" section still seems broke, but it's worth checking out, as it gives you different missions to complete, such as "playing suited connectors" and "float the flop, bet the turn" etc
Plus the chat is too small even when full screen! #IveyPoker client has similar issue with small chat.. really hard to read unless you are right up on your screen.  ESPECIALLY On the android client on my phone, even though I have a Note 2 which is one of the larger screen phones on the market.
It will be nice when the site has more players and more tables running, so the tournaments will actually run.  Right now, most play SnG's.
The level of play here is much more like Live poker, whereas PokerStars is more like online poker.
They have a bunch of training vidoes and such to learn to be a better poker player, but I haven't checked them out yet... maybe if they hire me, I'll check out all of them ;)

Both PokerStars and Ivey Poker have pros that will sit at the tables that you can play with, though I am not sure how often PokerStars has their pros playing Play Money, I have seen Daniel Negranu do it before!
However, at Ivey Poker, they usually have a pro or two play every day or two.. I actually played a few orbits with Patrik Antonius yesterday, and look forward to playing with Ivey himself!
Zynga, needs the option to go FULL SCREEN! it's quite small and limited to 1 table as is Fresh Deck Poker.

I believe all of these apps allow you to purchase chips, so you can jump right into the higher stakes games, where even in play money, it's more like real poker, and less like Bingo.  I have never purchased chips myself, but did apply for a Serve card (like an online version of American Express) which gave me a 35mil chip bonus on Zynga, when I had around that many chips already organically.

Many will argue that play money is not the same as playing for real money, and they are partially right, at some limits, but it's WAY closer now than it used to be.  I used to play a fair amount of play money online on PokerStars and other sites, before I started playing for real money in 2009.  Things have changed a LOT!

I think Ivey Poker plays the most like live Poker in Vegas, with Zynga being much softer (it's easier and cheaper to generate or buy chips) , and PokerStars being harder, more like online play.  Fresh Deck has a more difficult field than Zynga, but not as difficult as Ivey Poker.

All of these sites have a range of "softest" or "beginner" where people don't really know how to play, or don't CARE because it's play chips, to intermediate where people start playing for real and actually trying to learn poker, to advanced, where people play pretty much the same as they do live or with real money online, etc.   This varies from site to site.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February Link Outpost B, another busy month with more to come..

Nice blog post from @PhilGalfond "Speaking for the New School" (vs Old School)

... which was prompted by @realKidPoker 's response to Joe Hachem's interview at


... @JosephHachem instigation in interview...

... Both of which were interviewed by @SrslySirius .. he seems to be good at digging up stories ;)

Degen Knowledge, or, "funny but often true poker expressions" by Kim Shannon on NJ.PartyPoker

Adelson playing dirty with campaign making online poker look like a drug deal gone bad, via CDC, Jeffrey Compton:

Via NutBlocker part 1 of 3, interview with Ola ‘Odd_Oddsen’ AmundsgĂ„rd  
“I chose to keep my identity secret for several reasons."

It has been another busy month, and I don't see things slowing down any time soon in the Poker community...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#ChipGate Update: More Trouble for Lusardi

From 2+2, link, you can add DVD pirating to his problems, over 35,000 found, including replication equipment, and the involvement of friends and family (shipping)

Still no further info on the Borgata situation...

Monday, February 10, 2014

February Link Outpost A

Poker related Twitter accounts to follow:

Ultimate Poker
NO-Overlay  .. Overlay = 100% if GTD is met, giving players incentive to promote the site to bring players, better than just a "freeroll" would, in my opinion.... they also refund buyins with U Dollars so they stay on the site for at least 1 more tournament...

Via Steve Ruddock and - Interview with Stephen "SizzlinBetta" Reynolds

AussieMillions $10k Main Event - Grats to Ami Barer AU $1.6 million via PokerNews

AussieMillions $25k Challenge - Max Altergott +4 in 5 way chop via PokerNews
Martin Jacobson  $285,921
Dan Smith           $278,414
Scott Seiver        $265,538
Jason Mercier     $263,342
Max Altergott      $241,785

AussieMillions $100k Challenge - Yevgeniy Timoshenko AU $2million via PokerNews

AussieMillions $250k LK Boutique Challenge - Ivey wins $4,000,000 via PokerNews

WPT Borgata previous posted #ChipGate, Anthony Merulla wins $842,379 .. but there was controversy over a hand midway through tournmanet...

#ChipGate Still Ongoing discussion over at 2+2 and still no new info:

Bay101 Shooting Stars coming up, some editorials on Joe Hachem's instagational interview, and more buzz among the poker world in upcoming posts!