Friday, August 1, 2014

Twitter Poll: @TheWookieWay vs @PokerParadox

     I am considering dropping my @PokerParadox twitter account, or at least using it less and only in relation to blog posts.  I have 1650 followers on @TheWookieWay and 350 on @PokerParadox, but I'm not sure how many are following both.  I always recommend to people that they only follow one or the other, with the latter being my #Poker only twitter, with nothing but poker related tweets and re-tweets, versus the former which is my personal account and I may tweet about a LOT more than just #Poker.

     So I made a straw poll:  If, and when you read this, IF you follow @PokerParadox, please click and let me know which you prefer, so I can decide whether to keep both twitter accounts, or drop one of my seven accounts that I manage.  Yes, seven.  I also have five blogs.  Yes, five.

     Some might consider this too many, but I consider it "just right".  I can post a little to each one when the mood strikes, as opposed to one all the time.  I think this will result in higher quality posts.  And Lord knows, there are too many blogs out there for any one person to read as it is!

     Which reminds me, I have several poker blog posts backlogged after my break at the end of the series.  PokerStars deal?  California Poker?  Headphones at the table?  Coming soon!
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