Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ivey Stories: Picking Phil Ivey's Screen Name + My poker name backstory

What would YOU pick if you had to pick Phil Ivey's screenname for him?

What are the best screennames you've seen out there?

I had chosen ZomBParadox prior to my poker days as a possible DJ name, until I learned that I'd be a happier Producer than DJ.  But it stuck, and I used it on MySpace, a bunch of music sites, and eventually PokerStars.  I had a nickname of Zombie back east, given to me by a stripper friend in Ohio, because I walked in all decked out in black leather one night, and she said I looked like Rob Zombie, and the name stuck, forever more!  It fit with my nocturnal life at the time, with my "vampire tan", driving around to parties in 5 state radius with my DJ friends, when I wasn't sleeping my day away.

My original nickname on the West Coast, had been Wookie (also Chewbacca, Chewy, etc) but there were quite a few "Wookies" all over the internet.

I later researched and chose TheWookieWay (as in doing things "the wookiee way") for my official poker "brand", and to use on all the sites.  I even wrote to LucasArts/LucasFilms to ask for permission to use "Wookiee", which is the correct spelling, because I had friends that worked at both places, and I wanted to make it "official".   Their official response was "no comment".   They are notorious for serious copyright protection and defense, so I went with the slight misspelling, but safe, Wookie.  In fact, I didn't actually type that. *waves hand* "This is not the copyright infringment you are looking for..."

Unfortunately, PokerStars only allows for 1 name change in a short period, and if it's been longer than that, they won't let you change it!  I am stuck with ZomBParadox forever on that site, unless I want to break TOS, and risk losing an entire bankroll.  So, ZomBParadox it is!  Though, on just about every other site, forum, or account, I have TheWookieway.

Back to the task at hand, #Day5 of the #MainEvent of the World Series of Poker, where Phil Ivey has busted on Day 4, but DanSmithHolla is in the top 5...
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