Monday, March 31, 2014

Online Poker Ban Hypocrites...

From my own twitter @TheWookieWay :

Tired of hearing about online poker/gambling ban. Has anyone countered that if it's bad online, then no more brick and mortar casinos, too?

     Is anyone surprised by the #HYPOCRITE s, such as Sheldon Adelson, who are trying to say that online poker is bad, and laden with potential crime and predators, but that their brick and mortar versions are perfectly safe and acceptable?  Or ignoring the fact that their brick and mortars allow you to play online on their properties?  HYPOCRISY at it's best!

     It is my firm and logical belief, that these methods are being used to hold onto their current share of the market for as long as possible, before INEVITABLE return of a company like PokerStars, who will garner the "lion's share" of the market, due to COMPETENCE and QUALITY.  If they want to compete, let them use COMPETENCE and QUALITY to do so!
     These underhanded lobbying methods represent everything that is wrong with our current political system in the United States of America.  We, the people, need to voice our opinions, liberally, on this subject, so that OUR best interests are served, instead of those with the most money.

     I sincerely look forward to PokerStars returning to US soil, particularly in California, since I much prefer the weather here to the weather in the desert of Las Vegas, and this is where I currently reside.  I do not foresee myself lasting another year without INTERSTATE poker in this country.  Mark my words, if there is not a significant hope of the return of legalized poker to the US within the year, I will most likely move to Canada.

     I am an optimist, but it has been 3 full years come this April 15th, since Black Friday.  If I cannot play Texas Hold'em in the country in which it was invented, my own country, then I am left with no choice but to leave for the duration....

     It would be a shame to have to pay taxes in a foreign country, due to some greedy billionaire with a pocket full of lobbyists.
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