Sunday, March 23, 2014

February Link Outpost C

For Link Outposts, I share links I found interesting that you might also find interesting in one place:

Do You Have This Costly Leak? Introducing the Diamond Star Effect ... from: Drag the Bar by:Christy Keenan is a poker coach, writer, and player. He has a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology, and specialises in decision-making in competition.

Nice article about pre-flop raise adjustments: 
"You know the type, opponents who do not respect any pre-flop raise regardless of the size, and opponents who open-raise to 7-10x the blinds themselves."

5 Questions (& Answers) with Mike Sexton, the ‘Ambassador of Poker’ .. it just so happens I am friends with some of his family from the Dayton, OH area ;)

Posted  by Bobby Markowitz

Exclusive Isaac Haxton interview: Winning €1m pots, battling with Isildur and high stakes strategy 11 Feb 2014

From Dec podcast with Kristy Arnett, a Tournament Strategy discussion with Ari Engel (a beast!)

Mattraq1: Wrap-up Of Creative Strategy vs Turbo Regulars

Dan Smith (HOLLA!)  Posted  by

And a couple more...
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