Thursday, February 20, 2014 - Say what? The Sunday Billion? - Say what? The Sunday Billion?

Play Money, but with TeamPros with Bounties on their heads, satellites to get in this $1mil tournament, which is good because I've grinded my play money up to $4mil, and pride myself on it too much to break bankroll rules even for this, so I guess I better go find these satellites, one of my preferred and proven methods for winning entry into larger events.. and one of the largest reasons I miss PokerStars real money play in the US.  I never needed a backer before, but now it's a real concern until they make it back to the US....(as far as real money goes)

Confirmed Pros registered so far:
barryg1 - Barry Greenstein  @barrygreenstein
BryanHuang (Singapore)  @BryanHuang_
dwilliams (Canada)  @dwpoker
Henrique.P (Portugal)


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