Saturday, January 18, 2014

Links to News, This Week in Poker has been a BUSY Week

     From PokerStars Caribbean Adventure with it's great LIVESTREAM coverage, to the @WhoJedi incident and following media scrutiny, to Poker Sponsors in the form of sports teams in New Jersey, to fake chip cheating in the Borgata Winter Open halting Event #1, lots of poker news made it into the mainstream media.  Unfortunately, not all of it was positive like we would hope for the future of poker in the United States of America.  Enough to make your eyes bug out, much like Captain Kirk...

     It all started with some great coverage by PokerStars.TV with @Stapes and @J_hartigan and a solid WEEK of poker, from 8 to 15 hour days!  Nobody does it better.  Lots of guest commentators, freerolls, twitter banter, and prizes.  You click on the .tv link above to watch complete replays, or go over to the PokerStars YouTube page

PokerStars also has a new FaceBook application that let's you use Play Money to play on their site with the other players, but via the Facebook app. You can just search for PokerStars.Net in the FB search area, or click here:
Along those lines, ZYNGA launched real money poker, but in the UK, so I have not checked it out yet.

     The Poker World was shaken up, especially close to home for the Poker Media subset, as a Jay "WhoJedi" Newnum was arrested for allegedly stealing poker dealer tip money from a tip box with chopsticks.  For a story that many on the 2+2 Poker Forums were complaining didn't get enough attention by poker media "favoritism", it sure did blow up, and go nationwide (probably international by now), with at least a dozen articles and reports.  You can read the full 1250+ post thread here if you are so inclined and have the time!  Several issues are addressed besides the obvious original post, and links to all the articles on this subject have been summarized in the thread ...

     Matt Savage @SavagePoker did an AMA over at PocketFives  Easy read and he always spawns and idea for a blog post.  He's my favorite TD and highly respected, as well as easily accessible via his Twitter, by many in the poker world.

Speaking of which, the Los Angeles Poker Classic (LAPC) is going on now, you can watch the LIVESTREAM here:

Evenings, Pacific Time, you can often catch @LiveAtTheBike live stream here: 

     New Jersey has starting overtaking Nevada in the news with it's online income, and sponsorship deals. via PokerNews NJ generates 8.4million in 6 weeks.

Party Poker to sponsor NBA and NHL teams Via WickedChopsPoker .  This is kind of big news as it paves the way for future sponsorship and acceptance within the US.  How long until PokerStars finally returns??

Borgata Winter Poker Open, link with schedule via PokerNews.

Borgata Chip Scandal, also via PokerNews.  Someone introduced about 1mil in counterfit chips to the tournament?  I'm still catching up on this story.  Not sure how they are going to address the problem now that some people have already cashed and left, before they found the problem.

Ongoing discussion over at 2+2 for same:

There is plenty more going on, including UKIPT, but the above will give you plenty of reading until tomorrow.

~May the Flop Be With You

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