Friday, March 15, 2013

     I think I've blogged about this before, but just in case I didn't, I'm going to restate my view of blogging lately.  I've taken to the habit of blogging my mistakes and losses, and while that is beneficial, it's not ideal.  I will still blog such errors to keep myself level in my plans, but winning @ poker = not blogging much, and losing = blogging more.  I think if I blog when I'm winning more, it's more of a motivation to blog, and create a win/win situation.  Better winnings = better blogging.
     Lately, most likely due to being sick off and on, and working a lot, I've been running GREAT in MTT's and SnG's, but not so well in Cash.  I have *definitely* overextended and suffered variance in a huge way, by blowing Bank Roll Management rules out the window taking shots.  I should know from past experience, that the more you open yourself to Risk of Ruin, the more likely it is to happen.  You can only "dance with the devil" so many times and get away with it, before you get burned.  The entire casino industry is built on this probability.  I have a definite desire to get a nice buffered bankroll under me as soon as possible, and have people I wish to go visit, and bills to catch up on, ASAP.  But "haste makes waste", something I often preach, and I've re-learned it again firsthand.  I Knew I was taking the risk, so I'm OK with the decision and the loss, and subsequent "poorhouse" feeling until I catch up again.  But the slow and steady route is so much healthier than the high-variance rollercoaster of taking shots.
     No matter who you are, and how good you are, and A+ your playing is on any given day, even the best of the best, will encounter having the supposed nuts lose to the 1 outer on the river!   The idea is to have enough diversity in your investments (buyins) to handle inevitable fluctuations in the market.
     Patience + Discipline + Hand Reading + People Reading + Acting + Self Control = Profit.  This is of course assuming all other things are equal regarding the standard poker knowledge of odds that is easily learned by anyone with half a brain and a love the game.  ;)

In Poke related News, it looks like the return of Online poker to the USA is well on it's way with Nevada spear-heading the charge, and many states likely to jump on that bandwagon to lead to federal interstate poker, and hopfully international.  PokerStars is trying to buy a casino in New Jersey (and I sure hope they end up getting one in Vegas ASAP), and naturally the Brick&Mortars are fighting it to keep their percentage of the market.
     Daniel and Elky and Ike for Team PokerStars took on Gus and Isildur and Durrr for Team FullTilt, and I think PokerStars won by landslide ;)  More on that in a following post, with a link to a nice KidPoker interview at EPT London by none other than our own Rob Hippy80 King (loved it!).  He's apparently done some other interviews I need to catch up on, over at, with Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree (one of my favorite poker players ever, have I mentioned that she plays Poker AND Guitar?).  You can find all the PokerStars Women over here (link).  And a bunch of blogging by friends HERE over at PokerStars as well!
      It seems I've gotten closer to quite a few people in the Poker world, and to be able to share that interest with people I can call Friends, is a true blessing, and I thank each and every one of you!
     Until next time... That's Poker Folks!