Friday, November 15, 2013

The Return to the Poker Grind

Not much to post this time, other than affirming my decision to return to poker after a much needed break.  I have the freedom to play quite a bit right now, so I shall do so.  The balance of Poker and other activities in my life shall remain variable, as I have a more balanced attitude of taking things as they come, going with the flow, and riding the waves wherever they may take me.

Current project:  build bankroll to sustainable status and play within proper BRM guidelines.  My Bankroll and Liferoll are sepearte and shall remain thus.  Play time shall be necessarily restricted to when I am in the right frame of mind AND Prime Time coincide.  Other times will be judged on a case by case basis with a bias towards NOT Playing, and greater focus on tournaments over cash.

Tracking:  I'm not sure how I want to do this yet.  Track BB/100?  Actual BR values?  There is going to be a mix of live, online, tournament, and cash games.  There are going to be a variety of poker games.
I know as a reader of poker blogs, I like to see progress tracked where you can watch someone's journey unfold.  I know from past experience, it's not good to watch your EV and variance too closely, but it's good to keep yourself honest with recording.  I may mix it up a little and see what works best.  There are likely to be at least a couple graphs between tournaments and cash, and an overall graph.

Goals:  Plain and simple, RESULTS!  Positive BB/100 in cash, and Cashes/Wins in Tournaments.  There will be smaller goals along the way, because bite size goals can be a very good thing.  And some will be fun, too.  TV appearances? Vacations? Interviews?  Hanging out with Degens and escaping unscathed? (not sure I'm young enough for that last one, and the poker grinder landscape has changed a bit over the past few years!)

Decisions:  First one will be in regards to the #WPBT at Aria Dec 7th.  I have so many fun bounties from getting 2nd last year.  But my liferoll and bankroll balance will be the deciding factor. (and possibly if I can bum a couch or two on the weekend, I may be able to stay a week!)

As always, don't wish me luck, but instead, wish me sound decisions and a balance in the force! ;)