Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grinding on UP update, 04JUN2013a

So I returned to Ultimate Poker over the weekend, and just got done grinding for about an hour.  Blew about $7 bucks on 2 mtt's, busted with KK all in pre, etc....   So I played 6 tables, 7 when the MTT popped up.  It was hell.  Very tilting (about the software, not the poker).  Even though I won 3.2 buyins, I was highly annoyed with the way the software worked.  I flopped the nut straight with 78 one hand and timed out once, but was able to keep up the rest of the session.  The lag is still there, not being able to top off, which creates the situation where you are trying to

1, hit buy-in
2, click in text box for buyin
3, type 5 (or some other amount over max you guy top off with)
4, hit enter twice (once for it to auto correct to max amount and once for enter to actually buyin)

Just doing this is taxing after a while.  Trying to type in chat on more than 4 tables is practically fruitless.  Of course I did it a couple times, had to say howdy to @PokerPrinses  ;) .. but it works best if you type a couple words, hit enter, type a couple more, hit enter... easier that way but annoying for people with sounds on, who get a beep for every line...

I TOTALLY disagree with management's decision to not release marginal releases that improve things along the way, even if it's a few things at a time.  This way, the players feel the progress, and will share with their friends, and every little improvement reduces the players frustration, and attracts more players.  I have friends that are still waiting for better software, and I'm considering joining them!  In the meantime, the longer they take, the more people wonder reliable this company will be in taking care of players concerns, especially when compared to the pinnacle of PokerStars.  This opens the door for any other online poker company to get their foot in the door with better software and hit the ground running and steal the thunder from Ultimate Poker.

The one thing they did get right was the speed of cash outs, and this is huge.

The highest limit games I saw today were $10/20, but there were only 2 players at one table for that limit.  Sure makes me miss PokerStars!

I had heard they did some sort of software update on UP, but I didn't notice any improvements since the last time I played.  I'll have to hit up the 2+2 thread later and see what's going on :)

Hey PokerStars!  What's the deal?   How much longer do we have to wait?  Why are you not getting into the game now in Nevada so you at the lead of the pack as soon as interstate gets here?  Surely Nevada can provide you as much revenue as someplace like France or Belgium ;)

The WSOP has been keeping me busy, even if I'm not playing, buying pieces of friends, sweating players at the table, hanging out with Fifth Street Radio on the air, socializing and networking with poker media and friends, especially at the @HookerBar !!

Work has kept me busy too, which is good, because I'd be agonizing about not playing the series if not busy... or, I'd likely be grinding satellites and cash and putting together a package ... which still *MAY* happen this year.. we'll see.

Until next post, "May the Flop be with you!"

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