Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Women in Poker and Positive Changes for Equality

     Where to start on this one?  Let's start with a nice blog post over on 4flush Poker Still Has a Woman Problem
It neatly summarizes the problem of women still being objectified in Poker.  I agree with this article.
     Hot on the heels of this article, was a tweet by WickedChops about their most viewed post:
Wow. Our top viewed post of the year is actually one from 2010. Thanks @Liv_Boeree for sitting on that toilet. wickedchopspoker.com/liv-boeree-in-… #seo
The article was a photoshoot of Liv Boeree, and the irony was not lost on me that I saw this while I was writing this blog post!   For I have a confession to make, if I were to have a type, it would be Liv Effin Boeree!  She's beautiful, she plays poker and wins tournments, she's intelligent with a degree in astrophysics, she's down to earth, and she plays GUITAR!  But this is all my personal preference, and not much to do with poker.   This photoshoot, is still part of the problem.  If you want to share or get paid for a sexy photoshoot, feel free to do so in Maxim or Playboy, as this is what they are about.  But seeing the same thing on a poker magazine or blog, doesn't really do anything positive for the industry as a whole. (plus she hangs around with Stapes! no offense meant to Liv Boeree, whom I think is simply awesome!)

     And now, I'm going to throw some more wood on the fire, with my opinion, that Women only Poker Tournaments are almost as bad, and contribute to the problem.  You can't battle segregation, by using segregation.  You can't battle racism, by using racism.
     I was lucky. I grew up near Oakland, California, with every nationality you can think of in the Bay Area, and never saw any racial problems in my formative years.  You might even say I championed equality in my peers in school, and in the rock music scene afterwards.   Everywhere I went, I saw people of all walks of life, rich and poor, black and white and every color under the rainbow in between, and I saw no lines.  In my eyes, everyone was equal.  Everyone had a mission in life, and unique features to be celebrated, and I still feel this way today, probably even more so than in my younger, less wise years. ;)
     So, what is wrong with women tournaments?  It's reverse discrimination.  Want to keep out the pros?  Lower the buy-in, and stretch out the pay table, so more people cash.  This will make it fun for those that just want the experience of playing, and naturally avoid too many sharks.  But don't limit it to ANYONE.  You shouldn't have Women only tournaments, without Men only tournaments.  And this, I think everyone can agree, is a step in the wrong direction.
     One of the things I love about poker, is the equal playing field.  You can meet people from all walks of life at the poker table.  The only variable really needed to cover the spectrum, is buy-in.  By having appropriate ranges of buy-ins, you can accommodate just about everyone for poker events.
     Do you think we should set the example of Equality in poker, just like everywhere else?  I do!
     Life is full of paradoxes, as well as poker, and thus the name of my poker blog, Poker Paradox.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hackers - Jens Kyllönen - Trojan detected luckily!

Important enough for a quick blog post, about Trojan being installed on a poker players laptop while at an EPT event.. these things can be done via transmitted files, phishing, infected web pages, etc.. so be aware.  If you play high stakes, lock your laptop in the safe when not in use, and use a dedicated laptop/desktop for poker that you DON'T use for other things.


Friday, November 15, 2013

The Return to the Poker Grind

Not much to post this time, other than affirming my decision to return to poker after a much needed break.  I have the freedom to play quite a bit right now, so I shall do so.  The balance of Poker and other activities in my life shall remain variable, as I have a more balanced attitude of taking things as they come, going with the flow, and riding the waves wherever they may take me.


Current project:  build bankroll to sustainable status and play within proper BRM guidelines.  My Bankroll and Liferoll are sepearte and shall remain thus.  Play time shall be necessarily restricted to when I am in the right frame of mind AND Prime Time coincide.  Other times will be judged on a case by case basis with a bias towards NOT Playing, and greater focus on tournaments over cash.

Tracking:  I'm not sure how I want to do this yet.  Track BB/100?  Actual BR values?  There is going to be a mix of live, online, tournament, and cash games.  There are going to be a variety of poker games.
I know as a reader of poker blogs, I like to see progress tracked where you can watch someone's journey unfold.  I know from past experience, it's not good to watch your EV and variance too closely, but it's good to keep yourself honest with recording.  I may mix it up a little and see what works best.  There are likely to be at least a couple graphs between tournaments and cash, and an overall graph.

Goals:  Plain and simple, RESULTS!  Positive BB/100 in cash, and Cashes/Wins in Tournaments.  There will be smaller goals along the way, because bite size goals can be a very good thing.  And some will be fun, too.  TV appearances? Vacations? Interviews?  Hanging out with Degens and escaping unscathed? (not sure I'm young enough for that last one, and the poker grinder landscape has changed a bit over the past few years!)

Decisions:  First one will be in regards to the #WPBT at Aria Dec 7th.  I have so many fun bounties from getting 2nd last year.  But my liferoll and bankroll balance will be the deciding factor. (and possibly if I can bum a couch or two on the weekend, I may be able to stay a week!)

As always, don't wish me luck, but instead, wish me sound decisions and a balance in the force! ;)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Poker break!

I've been on a poker break from almost 2 months now, the withdrawals have come and gone,  but the urge to work has returned.  "Relationships are hard, Poker is easy!"

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grinding on UP update, 04JUN2013a

So I returned to Ultimate Poker over the weekend, and just got done grinding for about an hour.  Blew about $7 bucks on 2 mtt's, busted with KK all in pre, etc....   So I played 6 tables, 7 when the MTT popped up.  It was hell.  Very tilting (about the software, not the poker).  Even though I won 3.2 buyins, I was highly annoyed with the way the software worked.  I flopped the nut straight with 78 one hand and timed out once, but was able to keep up the rest of the session.  The lag is still there, not being able to top off, which creates the situation where you are trying to

1, hit buy-in
2, click in text box for buyin
3, type 5 (or some other amount over max you guy top off with)
4, hit enter twice (once for it to auto correct to max amount and once for enter to actually buyin)

Just doing this is taxing after a while.  Trying to type in chat on more than 4 tables is practically fruitless.  Of course I did it a couple times, had to say howdy to @PokerPrinses  ;) .. but it works best if you type a couple words, hit enter, type a couple more, hit enter... easier that way but annoying for people with sounds on, who get a beep for every line...

I TOTALLY disagree with management's decision to not release marginal releases that improve things along the way, even if it's a few things at a time.  This way, the players feel the progress, and will share with their friends, and every little improvement reduces the players frustration, and attracts more players.  I have friends that are still waiting for better software, and I'm considering joining them!  In the meantime, the longer they take, the more people wonder reliable this company will be in taking care of players concerns, especially when compared to the pinnacle of PokerStars.  This opens the door for any other online poker company to get their foot in the door with better software and hit the ground running and steal the thunder from Ultimate Poker.

The one thing they did get right was the speed of cash outs, and this is huge.

The highest limit games I saw today were $10/20, but there were only 2 players at one table for that limit.  Sure makes me miss PokerStars!

I had heard they did some sort of software update on UP, but I didn't notice any improvements since the last time I played.  I'll have to hit up the 2+2 thread later and see what's going on :)

Hey PokerStars!  What's the deal?   How much longer do we have to wait?  Why are you not getting into the game now in Nevada so you at the lead of the pack as soon as interstate gets here?  Surely Nevada can provide you as much revenue as someplace like France or Belgium ;)

The WSOP has been keeping me busy, even if I'm not playing, buying pieces of friends, sweating players at the table, hanging out with Fifth Street Radio on the air, socializing and networking with poker media and friends, especially at the @HookerBar !!

Work has kept me busy too, which is good, because I'd be agonizing about not playing the series if not busy... or, I'd likely be grinding satellites and cash and putting together a package ... which still *MAY* happen this year.. we'll see.

Until next post, "May the Flop be with you!"

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 1, 2013 WSOP Update from the Wookie in Las Vegas

Random news and tidbits from the World Series of Poker, in no particular order (let's just call it hectic!)....

Head on over to Fifth Street Radio (.com) to get your
"VIP Listener's Club for outstanding benefits including exclusive cash tournaments and series, special direct entry tournaments for tournament series, super discounts and other great perks!

Get a free FSR T-shirt when you join plus you'll also be helping an outstanding cause as we will donate $1 of every membership to the Jimmy V Foundation for cancer research!

If you're at WSOP and sign up, just come down and pick up your shirt at our broadcast booth!"  (T-shirt in Light blue or Ash Grey as seen in the pic)

Head on over to SealsWithClubs (.eu) for BitCoin poker which you can play on browser, PC client, or Anroid Client.  You can find Seals Team members in the signature green and yellow hats.
I railed @Gank and @BryanMicon for a while but didn't see Scott Fischman, along side Norman Chad, Daniel Negreanu, Mike Matusow, Jen Harman , Cindy Violette, Eli Elezra, David Bakes Baker, George Danzer, and many other notables in this event, which is down to just 19 now!  Thanks PokerNews for great reporting as always .. except where is DMBakes flag icon, and you mispelled Jen's last name! ;)  http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/2013-world-series-of-poker/event-5-2-500-omaha-seven-card-stud-hi-low-8-or-be/chips.htm

(Micon, NormanChad, Matusow, Negreanu, and others..)

I won the @ARIAPoker hat in a twitter contest. They also have @ARIAPokerLive for table updates. I miss playin there, it's been a little while...

WSOP.com has a 100k Freeroll, you can sign up for free and reserve your online name now at the Rio (and probably online as well?)

We railed @RexClinkscales late into the night for a $20k cash in 10th in Event #4 http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/2013-world-series-of-poker/event-4-no-limit-hold-em-six-handed/  He just recently won his circuit ring after 15(?) final tables, and here is a nice little interview with our favorite Pretty Broad, Lynn Gilmartin https://twitter.com/LynnGilmartin, http://www.pokernews.com/video/wsop-2013-rex-clinkscales-hanging-in-there-7744.htm

Here is your TL;DR report from PokerNews which sums up most of the day in about a few mins (about tree fiddy)... http://www.pokernews.com/video/wsop-2013-june-2nd-update-7746.htm

So many showed up for the Millionaire Maker, that you would have thought it was the main event, and there was a very carnival type atmosphere and lots of energy all over the Rio.

Good times were had at the infamous @HookerBar (Bring your local ID for 50% off!)  So many friends are playing that it's hard to rail them all!  Thankfully many of my friends are in the poker media, and I have an advantage at following more than my fair share of events.  My feet are tired and blistered though, and it's still early in the summer.

I'll definitely be railing Geoff Lay aka CajunDragon (whom I have a piece of this year) and @BartHanson who has his own poker site over at Seat Open Poker (.net) (you may have seen me sporting this shirt) and is notorious for @LiveAtTheBike .
I'll also be sporting my @AsianSpa rungood from the TruthSpeaker and #TeamSpa (just who *IS* this mystery person??)  I'll never tell!

Remember to follow me @TheWookieWay for Poker/Games/Tech/Music/Positive tweets, @PokerParadox for Poker related tweets ONLY, and now @GamersParadox for tweets from the Video Gaming world where I also blog over at http://gamersparadox.blogspot.com/

See you on Twitter or at the Rio!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

WSOP started yesterday, and I'm not ready!

Very interesting article about Black Friday, Mary Jo White, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 1993-2002http://gamingtoday.com/articles/article/41325-Black_Friday_Internet_poker_cases_end_with_whimper
Jared Tendler has a 2nd book out, and I've heard great things about the first, but have yet to read it, though I plan to... here is a link where you can get a free audio book copy via Audible.com, or order the book, etc.. http://jaredtendlerpoker.com/mental-game-of-poker/free-copy-of-tmgp-audiobook/
I still have not finished reading "Reading Poker Tells" by Zachary Elwood, and I really have no excuse, and I owe him a blog post when I finish reading it, but here is his website in the meantime: http://www.readingpokertells.com/

I had more for this post, but have to go to the doctors today, so I will post now... As the WSOP started yesterday, there is MUCH more to come...
Time waits for no one.  Hopefully we won't see so much tanking that this becomes the motto of the WSOP in 2014!


Personal stats.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Much Poker going on in Vegas already, WPT, WSOP, Ultimate Poker, updates!

The WSOP is coming.  Soon.  Too soon!  After a year of running well (not counting the IRS snatching my bankroll), I went on vacation and blew my bankroll again (for a good cause with my kids), and I'll make it back after vacation,  but before the series, right?

Wrong!  I have run bad since December.  Reviewing sessions reveals I'm playing fine, just running bad.  But if this goes on long enough, it sure can destroy your confidence.  Playing with scared money, trying too hard, pushing marginal spots.. Sure I was ahead about 90% of the time I put the money in, but villain got there all too often.  Playing while sick is never a good idea, but I've been battling health issues, and with a full time job, this only leaves so much time for poker.  I think it'd be easier to play more quality hours and skip more sick hours if I was playing full time.  Missing the series AGAIN is very depressing, but not the end of the world.

QuadJacks has some excellent interviews over at Tobi's Table talk, including Doug "WCGRider" Polk (@DougPolkPoker I think), and the Infamous Matt "@Adzizzy" Marafioti (the "this is a level, right?" interview): http://quadjacks.com/category/tobis-table-talk/

Grats and well done to fellow #ATC crew Edwardo "Swag" Jackson (We call him EJ or Swag) for his new spot as Site Pro and Social Media Director over at Infiniti Poker http://www.infinitipoker.com/
Sick Brag, Yo!
Grats to myself and so many of my friends for making the PartyPoker Top 50 Twitter accounts to follow during the WSOP... guess I'll have to report more this year since I'm not planning on playing yet... I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse... more later..  http://www.partypoker.com/blog/wsop/top-50-poker-twitter-handles-that-you-need-to-be-following.html

https://twitter.com/BJNemeth has the coolest Twitter background, EVER!

Ultimate Poker is open to players in Nevada for real money online poker, finally!  I have nothing good to say about this software, which I'm told is just a proof of concept to get the license version, and they are already working on Version 2 *AND* version 3.  Let's hope it is leaps and bounds beyond the current software.  Depositing and withdrawing money has never been easier or faster anywhere online, so I can't complain too much.  It works and is all that is available right now.  You don't have to be a Nevada resident, you just have to be IN Nevada, using a text verification process that verifies your location in NV.  For myself on T-Mobile, I have to turn OFF my 4G-LTE, and use 4g/3g/2g setting under Mobile Networks, and it works.  I think they fixed Verizon users by now, but I could be mistaken. Tell them Wookie sent you.  http://ultimatepoker.com/

Dan has a new segment over here that is pretty entertaining with @AndrewNeeme and Dave @randompoker: http://pokerati.com/podcasts/vegasgrinders/

Annie LePage has a new book coming out with all kinds of Healthy and GOOD tasting foods (I know first hand!), and a delivery service (WSOP anyone??) more info here: http://annieskitchenlv.blogspot.com/

WPT Bellagio starts today, so I should really get out of the house now!  Too much to report in one post.  So much is going on, I've decided I will post a TL;DR blog post often, with snippets for the ADHD crowd, and links for those who want to read in depth.  UB scandal taped recordings, player drama, casino drama, etc... Plenty to cover.

See you on the felts.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

     I think I've blogged about this before, but just in case I didn't, I'm going to restate my view of blogging lately.  I've taken to the habit of blogging my mistakes and losses, and while that is beneficial, it's not ideal.  I will still blog such errors to keep myself level in my plans, but winning @ poker = not blogging much, and losing = blogging more.  I think if I blog when I'm winning more, it's more of a motivation to blog, and create a win/win situation.  Better winnings = better blogging.
     Lately, most likely due to being sick off and on, and working a lot, I've been running GREAT in MTT's and SnG's, but not so well in Cash.  I have *definitely* overextended and suffered variance in a huge way, by blowing Bank Roll Management rules out the window taking shots.  I should know from past experience, that the more you open yourself to Risk of Ruin, the more likely it is to happen.  You can only "dance with the devil" so many times and get away with it, before you get burned.  The entire casino industry is built on this probability.  I have a definite desire to get a nice buffered bankroll under me as soon as possible, and have people I wish to go visit, and bills to catch up on, ASAP.  But "haste makes waste", something I often preach, and I've re-learned it again firsthand.  I Knew I was taking the risk, so I'm OK with the decision and the loss, and subsequent "poorhouse" feeling until I catch up again.  But the slow and steady route is so much healthier than the high-variance rollercoaster of taking shots.
     No matter who you are, and how good you are, and A+ your playing is on any given day, even the best of the best, will encounter having the supposed nuts lose to the 1 outer on the river!   The idea is to have enough diversity in your investments (buyins) to handle inevitable fluctuations in the market.
     Patience + Discipline + Hand Reading + People Reading + Acting + Self Control = Profit.  This is of course assuming all other things are equal regarding the standard poker knowledge of odds that is easily learned by anyone with half a brain and a love the game.  ;)

In Poke related News, it looks like the return of Online poker to the USA is well on it's way with Nevada spear-heading the charge, and many states likely to jump on that bandwagon to lead to federal interstate poker, and hopfully international.  PokerStars is trying to buy a casino in New Jersey (and I sure hope they end up getting one in Vegas ASAP), and naturally the Brick&Mortars are fighting it to keep their percentage of the market.
     Daniel and Elky and Ike for Team PokerStars took on Gus and Isildur and Durrr for Team FullTilt, and I think PokerStars won by landslide ;)  More on that in a following post, with a link to a nice KidPoker interview at EPT London by none other than our own Rob Hippy80 King (loved it!).  He's apparently done some other interviews I need to catch up on, over at FlopTurnRiver.com, with Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree (one of my favorite poker players ever, have I mentioned that she plays Poker AND Guitar?).  You can find all the PokerStars Women over here (link).  And a bunch of blogging by friends HERE over at PokerStars as well!
      It seems I've gotten closer to quite a few people in the Poker world, and to be able to share that interest with people I can call Friends, is a true blessing, and I thank each and every one of you!
     Until next time... That's Poker Folks!