Wednesday, August 29, 2012

     I finally hit 1/2 of a personal goal.  A balance over $1,000,000 on PokerStars.
Play money, of course!  The other half will be the real money balance.  After PokerStars returns to the US, or I maintain a residence outside of the US.  Whichever comes first.

1milPSbalPlay2, Finally hit 1 million in play money on Pokerstars

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to the Grind..and Nevada Poker League (NPL)

I haven't posted as much as I'd like lately, but since the poker world is buzzing with news, I guess it's time to get busy!  There is a chance I'll be returning to grinding poker again soon, especially with legalization of online poker in the US again right around the corner....
    The most likely start will be INTRAstate poker, and since I'm in Nevada, I expect them to be on the forefront.  I have been grinding some on Merge, but I REALLY dislike their software.  On PokerStars, I could grind up to 24 cash tables at once, but on RPM (Merge) the focus problems limit me to about 8 games at most before lag becomes a problem.  I am SO looking forward to the return of PokerStars, where I am almost at my goal of 1,000,000 in play money before they return... currently at just over 950k.
     I have started playing in the Nevada Poker League with some friends, as you can win some seats to some local tournaments for real cheap.  No entry fee, but we typically tip the dealer up to $5 a piece for their time and for putting up with us ;)  I'll post the info here for any locals that want to join us:

Welcome to the Nevada Poker League 

nevada poker league 
Nevada Poker League
Dear Wookie,

I would like to welcome you and thank you personally for playing in the Nevada Poker League. I hope you had a great time playing and I'm here to make sure your past and future experiences at the NPL are both fun and profitable. This is a sole ownership and I'm available just about every day of the week at either various NPL locations or in the office. Please feel free to contact me in person,by email or phone with any questions or suggestions that you may have.
How the League Works

The NPL is a FREE Poker League that gives away over $90,000 in cash and Prizes through out the year and we also award a $10,000 seat to the World Series of Poker Main Event. There is never a buy in and you can play as often as you like or whenever you chose. We have locations all over Las Vegas and Henderson and we deal games 7 nights a week. We have at least 2 locations every night and some nights 3 to 4 for you to chose from. There are at least 3 tournaments dealt a night at every location. Some locations deal more than 3 per night depending on player demand. Our dealers do work for tips only and will stay around to deal additional games. We are guaranteed to give away at least $10,000 ever 12 weeks through various monthly and season ending tournaments. But we usually give away over $20,000 every 12 weeks.We have 4 leagues per year,Winter,Spring,Summer and Fall each of theses seasons last usually 12 weeks.

The first of our money tournaments is our top 50 tournament where we take the top 50 players based upon points earned in the first 6 weeks of the season and hold a tournament where we give away $1,500 in cash and prizes. Then we have another tournament that is called the Battle of The Bars and we invite the top 5 players from each bar to compete in a tournament for over $1,000 in cash and prizes. Since a lot of our players play on multiple nights in multiple bars there is always alternates entered into this tournament as players can only play for one bar thus creating additional slots for players to fill who qualified at that bar but were not in the top 5. Then we have our season ending Championship Tournament that has over $5,000 in cash and prizes awarded. To qualify for this tournament all you need is one win at any location during the 12 weeks of the season that will assure you a seat and a starting chip stack of $2,000 in chips. For every additional win you have during the 12 weeks we will add an extra $1,000 in chips. The max amount of chips you can have for this event is $15,000 which will require 14 wins over the 12 week season. That is just a little more than 1 win per week to reach the maximum starting chips. 

Nightly Prizes
There are nightly prizes to the top point earner for the first three games at all locations,at some location we award a paid $100 entry into the Binions Sunday 2 PM Tournament that has a guaranteed $5,000 prize pool. Winners of these Binions seats may opt to take $75 in cash if they like. At other locations the top point earner for the night for the first 3 games will win a paid entry into the Sunday's $35 tournament at the Tropicana. The player may opt to take $25 in cash if they so chose.

At some of our bars the player who finished in 2nd place (Points) for the first 3 games will receive a $25 gift certificate to that location. Other prizes range from $50 free play on the establishments slots to every player receiving a $10 match play. Details on all nightly prizes are posted on our web-site.

Quads and High Hand Promotions

The NPL also offers cash prizes for all quads and High Hands please check the web-site for exact payments as they vary.

New Summer Season

The new Summer Season just started on Monday July2 and will run until Sunday Sept 30. Play as often as you like,we offer games 7 days a week.  During our last season Spring 2012, we gave away over $24,000 in cash and prizes. Come and get your share of all this money and have fun and make new friends while you are doing it.
Once again I thank you for your support of the Nevada Poker League. You can contact me on the web site or at the contact information below.
Patricia Murphy

Nevada Poker League
office 702-987-5000
cell   702-498-2199