Monday, April 2, 2012

4th place AVPT event 15 for $629

Good run. Work on minimizing distractions, patience in picking spots.
@pokrprinses got 5th for $419
@thewookieway (me) got 4th for $629
@lizzy_harrison got 3rd for $900+
@pinkladiespt got 2nd (but chopped 1st) for $1500+
@lasvegasmichael gets the win! And kept his bounty.
More to follow...
(Edit: paste in from my 2+2 and AVP posts)
Here's my story as told on 2+2, where I was supposed to play an IRONMAN tournament (5 or 6 tournaments in 1 day) on PokerStars (play money) .. but because I wasn't able to, I played in AVPT event XV ...
"Now bear with me, because this does relate to the Ironman event and true poker degens...
It would have been a grand story.. On Saturday (after not sleeping all night, will explain later), I played Day1B of the $350 AVP Main Event at the MGM Grand. Sitting with position on Gavin Smith (@olegsmith), I was sitting on 50k+ chips, playing well, and only 1 play I wish I would change..
Guy 2 to Gavin's right was short, and shoves light (or so I presume, and correctly so, with A8), Gavin iso-shoves with 20k-ish .. and I have AK. 5k + 20k + blinds and antes = would be chip leader with about 25 people left (playing down to 12). I tank, knowing I should fold, but thinking about it.. finally I have that out of body experience as I hear myself say, as if listening to a dream, "I'm going to call." Gavin has TT, they hold, he more than doubles up to about 45k+, and I'm down to 30k. I say "now I have work to do."

After that, it was a slew of bad beats, picking careful spots, dropping to 10k, but getting back up to 21k.. when I pick up AKo again, @bradv7007 (dealer/floor at MGM) raises, and I shove expecting a fold. He thinks about it a while, calls with AJo saying he thinks I'm shoving light, then compliments me on outplaying him and getting max value, board runs out with no help for anyone til the river... J! 3 outered. (and down to 1BB and out next hand in the blind.) Brad played very well, made VERY few mistakes and went on to take 3rd place. Grats man! 
So I go out with friends(Shannon, Steve, Donna, April, Donna), we meet up at Flamingo, waiting for @CajonDragon to show up, and I sit down at the poker tables while waiting, figuring it's going to be a while. Bart Hanson supposedly has a suite, where we are supposed to hang out and play poker and there is a karaoke machine rented, etc.. expecting raging degen night before the Ironman event on PokerStars on Sunday (yes, I'm getting closer to my point, but not here yet...) This night is playing well but 4 bad beats in a few hours. Buy in for $300, sit down, first hand set of 7's < set of 8's to the guy on my right. Ouch, -$250. Next beat = KK < AA on my straddle. -$450. I win a few, so it's not as bad as it could be, and guy two to my right is drinking, luckboxing, and having fun, so easy money still in sight. He's the type that's raising 4x and 5x, just waiting to get snapped. He often shoves if he suspects any weakness, thinking his chips count for more than "effective" stacks. I reraise him with KdJd, he just calls, and I flop GIN, QhTx9h for the King high nut straight. I bet small, he raise, I shove, and he calls. He has like 8c3h off. I'm not kidding. Awesome! Gutshot to the dummy end of the straight. What else is he hoping for there? Well, apparently he has ESP because the board runs out, heart heart, and he gets backdoor flush with the 3 to beat me! OI! -$500 total on the night. Blah.
Meanwhile, @CajunDragon has disappeared off the grid, no one knows where, probably schwasted like @AlCantHang was in town... and everyone takes off 'cept for me an April, who play til 530am, at least! Even though patient, was only able to get back $100 for -$400 on the night.. Got to sleep for Ironman event, and we take off. My phone is charging in the corner, and I forget it.."

So here I am at home, calling the Flamingo poker room, telling them to stash my phone til morning, and knowing I HAVE to go back on Sunday. Everyone saying I should play AVP 15 event which is like the @Pokerati game almost, with NLHE and NLO mixed. Yes, for true degens, NO LIMIT OMAHA. Fun game, right up my alley! $120 tourney, with at least 1 rebuy, expecting at least 50 if not more. But I tell everyone, I have this IRONMAN tourney I've already entered on PokerStars with the old guard from 2+2. Braggin rights for the year! Can't miss it. We'll see.
Now on Friday, I couldn't sleep, so I just got up and went to play on Saturday since I couldn't sleep anyways, and didn't eat. No sleep. No food. Friday, Saturday, finally eat something Saturday night during the tourney. I'm getting home at Sunday 530am, ready to sleep a little before the IRONMAN events, that I think start at 11am. Oh ****. That's Eastern Time! They start at 8am! I have less than 2 hours to sleep. Talk about IRONMAN, LEATHERASS, paradoxal walking dead ZomB... etc.. 
By the time I get to sleep, there is really only 45 mins to sleep... and I'm going to play Ironman??? You bet I am! Representing true Poker Degens everywhere... So I crank the speakers on the laptop, log into PokerStars to wake me up when the table start.. and .. I can't log into PokerStars, says I'm logged in somewhere. I had just played Shanomaha (1st place) and Shanoobigans (4th? i forget) the day before (complaining about how tired i was all tourney) on this pc, so shouldn't be an issue. I go reset the PC in the other room just in case I'm getting forgetful in my old age about where I played .. try to log in again, same message. I email AND (just in case cause I'm tired! but pretty sure they both go to the same place) . No response.
WTH? WTF? GodBlessItSOB.. what bunch of Horse Manure! I post on 2+2.
I'm so annoyed. I've got the best damn IronMan story before the tourney even starts.. and I can't log in! Sum' Bitch!
I eventually say screw it all to hell, and go to sleep, wake up and check every now and then, and then go back to sleep. AVP 15 starts at 3pm, around then I finally decide I might as well go play live, since it's my kind of game. I go fetch my phone from Flamingo, race over to MGM, and get there as the 1st alternate, tourney full for the moment. (pic to follow)
When I do get to sit, I'm sitting with Shannon @StheCannon, Dave @randompoker, Donna @pinkladiespt, and quite a few others from Vegas, AVP and even 2+2. But I'll keep this one short.
I eventually take 4th place. Bought in for $120 and cashed for $629. Sooooo, I guess missing Ironman was more profitable for my bankroll, but not for my Ego! We went out to dinner at PingPangPong at the Gold Coast, and it's now 5:30am again.. I have to wake up to 2 hours to call the dentist... here we go again!