Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scattered blogging! Weekend results (last weekend) and Quad Jacks

The Tropicana has been fun!  There was the grand opening, as can be read here, and on Stacey Lynn's Twitter (lots of pics @lasvegaspokers and ) Tropicana Poker Room Grand Opening   Thank you Jennifer Newell ( @WriterJen ) for a great time!!   Jamie Gold has some classes with money back guarantee for $400 here   .. and if you get the chance to eat at the Tropicana and want excellent Italian, treat yourself to Bacio (with chef Carla Pellegrino ) you'll be glad you did!
Last Friday's report:  Started out with $200 bankroll, got up to $440 and cashed out at Trop, before heading to Planet Hollywood.. but got to play with Kathy Liebert aka @PokerKat as well the night before this, walked away with $100 profit. Paid for dinner at Bacio :) (excellent!) ... Wasn't feeling well, so I ate and planned on going home, but the games were good, and I felt better after I ate, so I played what ended up being all night at PH... Turned $300 into around $750 (pictured). Then planned on heading home, walked the strip down to Tropicana to cheer on friends. Bought some card protectors, a new hat, supplies at Walgreens on the way, etc.. 
Ended up playing Tropicana for the promotion money for 5 more hours. 32 hours, my longest marathon session, one I don't expect to break again for a LONG time, if ever ;) Total profit over $1440. $1260 after all expenses. (started with $200) ..time to get a 2/5 size bankroll ;)
I work a lot, so I haven't been playing as much as I'd like, but on the home front, playing online with my hit and run, no more than 1000 hands, often around 300 hand sessions, I have run my $40 deposit up to $102 for a fairly high winrate, though still in small sample range. That's ok, I'll take it ;) we'll see how long I can keep it going. I don't feel I'm running hot or running bad, it just all seems to be balancing out, the good and the bad both.
I'm playing a fairly lag style, but mixing it up. In general I've lowered my VPIP a little and raised my PFR but they are still a FAR cry from the old days of trying to shoot for 14/12 ... I'm more like 45/25 or so, and will adapt to whatever is needed on a per table/per player basis and use my image as much as possible. I find that I do better when not "showing" to try to induce action. If I show any more, it's usually with friends and for fun, or a really dead table trying to get action, but I'll rarely stay at such a dead table any longer.
I adjust play based on effective stacks.. normal TAG for 100bb stacks, and deepstack play for anything over 175bb or so.  35bb/100 combined at just over 2800 hands so far... this is on Merge, and I sure miss @PokerStars ! 
I played in the ShortStackedRadio play money tourney on Stars (they have prizes though from sponsors) and got 6th out of 46th. Plenty of bad beats, but was able to amass enough chips and the lead long enough I could absorb them for a while. some of the bigger losses were TT < AK all in pre (king on the river!) , 67 < 64 with both of us having trip 6's, getting it in (I had straight draw too) and he spiked a 4 on the river (huge loss), and then my final hand, i shoved for 11k with AQ into chipleaders 22k stack called after tanking with T9s .. and he won. Huge pot. out 6th. Was quite happy with my play, regardless.
(ShortStackedRadio tourney, a great bunch of guys you'll hear from a lot in the future, if you haven't already, found here and you can listen on Ustream or Facebook
Oh yeah, let's not forget the fun hand. Shannon the Cannon and April (dealers at Tropicana and among my favorites anywhere) wanted me to knock out a floor and another dealer who were playing at my table. Ed was playing really tight, so i knew he'd likely have QQ+ or AK only when he played, and the chance came when I got JJ.. You'll rarely see me call 2 all-ins with JJ, but the Shannon and April said Please knock out the floor and dealer who were playing, and both were under $100 stacks, and I was sitting on $600+ .. so I obliged. One of the funnest hands in a while, I let out a "wooooooo!" like I was young Doyle Brunson.  The hand of the night.  Sorry Ed Peeples!
That's all until next time, which should be sometime this weekend.  Maybe we'll talk some strategy.. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from the IRS! (you bastards!)

Deposited $40 on Carbon, from a giftcard visa I got from my family for Christmas.
After playing on RPM for a bit, off and on since November, I'm finally down approx. $110.  The number one lesson again is, know when NOT to play (but I think I already blogged about this).
The new strategy on Carbon will involve more hit & run, playing at my peak ability for about 300 max hands per session, no more than 6 tables with my current setup.  I have not had the time to invest in a day full of SnG's yet, but will when I can manage it.  I've been working a lot, so low on time, and low on money because of the IRS tomfoolery.  The IRS audited me in 2006 (even though I did everything correctly) and I didn't find out about it until they were garnishing my wages this year, so they made off with $3000 of my wages, that should be all coming back to me, after I get the record I need (because I don't have the receipts 5 years later!
The upside to this is it allows me to build up a bankroll all at once.
I sure do miss PokerStars and I hear so many friends talking about the same thing.  Even though I'm in Vegas now, and do better playing Live, I'm often too busy with my busy work schedule to go to the Casinos and play.  I look forward to the return of online poker in the U.S.A.

Sunday, February 12, 2012