Saturday, December 17, 2011

Poker (and Life) Etiquette

Lots of news coming, but I'm going to post this while it's fresh in my mind...I didn't get there in time to take @Pokerati's money or give him anything to post about, but there will definitely be another chance for that ;)

I was playing at the Palms last night, when a couple players sat down who can be described as Obnoxious.  We'll call them Player X and Player Y, for professional reasons, and leave the Truth Speaking to @AsianSpa.

Player X was apparently an employee or family of one of the Casinos, but likes to talk like he's part of "The" family, the Mafia.  Somewhat drunk, or under the influence of something, or a combination both, most likely.  But definitely crossing more lines as the night goes on.  At first, I was wondering if he was overacting to get the action he was seeking, because he was playing just fine, even as he got more rude, his poker playing habits seemed well honed.  Our somewhat nitty table loosened up, and we even ended up getting almost everyone at the table a shot of something...

Player Y showed up with a young famous poker pro, whom is in the mega earnings category, and sat in obviously over-rolled for this $1/$3 game of NLHE.   He was more amusing in his obnoxious behavior, and the game certainly changed dynamics by a huge margin.  We suddenly went from nitty, mostly post flop play, to heavy preflop play with barely any flops seen.  It was like we suddently entered a Single Table Tournament (STT) with sit n go type final table action....

Although both played well, and I enjoyed playing with them for a time, it quickly degraded into the floor being called several times, as Player X showed less and less observance of boundaries, and any politeness went out the window as he went into downright rude and threatening statements, and louder and louder volume.  When Player X and Y started confronting each other, the real fireworks started, the action was crazy, with quite a few all ins.  Even though Player X racked out up a buy in or two.. he was eventually asked to leave after several warnings from the dealers and the floor.  Props to Floor, Stan, and the Dealers, for handling things professionally.

Player Y whom had been treading the line, but staying on this side of poker etiquette, degraded into what appeared to be a "doing this for attention" type of situation.  I started thinking of all the young, rich poker players, and the disparity between the maturity of a certain generation of players.  I certainly hope all the immature players will benefit from being friends with the class acts, so they learn how to act in public and why it's important to their career, and life in general.  I started thinking about how I can get along with so many types of players, because I understand so much more about human nature now that I am "older and wiser", as opposed to when I was a young, foolish, genius who thought he knew everything.  Perspective is a wonderful thing when you have it.  For some it comes naturally, and for some, it comes from experience.

Even when you have no good influence friends, which I highly encourage everyone to choose, you will still see examples all around you if you just open your eyes.  There's a whole world out there; learn from it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

WPBT, Vegas, Pokerati, Ftrain, TaoPauly, Epic, Palms, etc etc etc...

Who has time to blog when so many friends are in town, so many poker activities, satellites, tournaments, cash games, meeting new friends, working in between long hours.....

But somewhere I've got to make the time, too much has been going on NOT to share.  Now, however, is NOT the time... I've got to go try to knock out @AnnieDuke and @JoeUgly from an Epic poker satellite for their bootylicious bounties! Save me a seat @AlCantHang (boy he sure can HANG all night and day!)

topics in the near future:
Cash game notes chat group and forums chat group and forums
Pokerati game at the Palms Poker room (1 orbit NLHE and 1 orbit PLO, cycles)
WPBT and meeting "old friends" for the first time
Rio Final Table haze while being sick
Moving to Vegas and adjusting to my new home, and loving it (i have a social life again!)
Still loving my job and learning (business trip to Santa Monica on Monday)
Many new friends online and at the table from all over the globe
Merge online poker for US Players
Bodog breaking and fixing their issues
Poker Radio Shows ( have a lot of catch up here)
Balance and Moderation, the formula for Happiness

See you later, I'm off to aim for some bounties!