Friday, December 9, 2011

WPBT, Vegas, Pokerati, Ftrain, TaoPauly, Epic, Palms, etc etc etc...

Who has time to blog when so many friends are in town, so many poker activities, satellites, tournaments, cash games, meeting new friends, working in between long hours.....

But somewhere I've got to make the time, too much has been going on NOT to share.  Now, however, is NOT the time... I've got to go try to knock out @AnnieDuke and @JoeUgly from an Epic poker satellite for their bootylicious bounties! Save me a seat @AlCantHang (boy he sure can HANG all night and day!)

topics in the near future:
Cash game notes chat group and forums chat group and forums
Pokerati game at the Palms Poker room (1 orbit NLHE and 1 orbit PLO, cycles)
WPBT and meeting "old friends" for the first time
Rio Final Table haze while being sick
Moving to Vegas and adjusting to my new home, and loving it (i have a social life again!)
Still loving my job and learning (business trip to Santa Monica on Monday)
Many new friends online and at the table from all over the globe
Merge online poker for US Players
Bodog breaking and fixing their issues
Poker Radio Shows ( have a lot of catch up here)
Balance and Moderation, the formula for Happiness

See you later, I'm off to aim for some bounties!
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