Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Resuming Live Play = Resuming Blogging and Moving to Vegas

It has been far too long since I've blogged on a regular basis, but that is all about to change.  I have been happily working at my day job, and will continue to be, but I am moving to Las Vegas this weekend.
Last weekend, I played a couple nights, booked some solid wins, looked at apartments, found a couple great ones, applied, put my deposits down from my winnings, and was approved before I got on my flight home.
This weekend, I'm moving.  I had my doubts about moving to the desert, as I hate the heat.  But after a year of living in San Francisco, where I'm always working and rarely outside, I've decided it won't be much different.  And, after visiting, and finding I can breathe better, I have decided it'll be perfect for my needs.  I'll still be working the majority of the time, as I have been, but when I have the time and energy to go play poker, I'll be just a few miles from the strip.  I've always been a bit of a night owl, and will enjoy being able to work late, and then still find a decent meal in the middle of the night :)
Many of my friends are in Vegas, or travel to Vegas on a regular basis, including long time high school friends.  I suspect I'll have a little bit better social life.
My brief stats from my 2 live poker sessions while I was there last week:

$535/$200 = +$335 first night I played at Planet Hollywood.. recognized one pro at table.
$665/$200 = +$465 .. or $800 total on the week.  Not bad for $1/$2 (4buyins) .. think I played against ManderButt!

Edit:  I had 2 more sessions after this that put me up to $2,000 up, but spent a fair amount on a REAL bed and move in costs, etc.  I'll have to dig in twitter to find the exact totals.