Sunday, February 6, 2011

Session results from this weekend on PokerStars

Posted some blogs over at where I hang out when chatting about poker, helping others, whining about my bad beats.. learning from people more consistent than myself, etc..

Played a large variety of from PSO tournaments, Shenanigans, Shanoobigans, and cash games, including 8game, HORSE, Mixed Hold'em, 10nl, 25nl, 50nl, and 100FL, full ring and 6max.
I think I have much more Zen approach to poker lately, as long as I don't play when I'm tired.  How many times have I said in my own blog, let alone forums posts elsewhere, that I shouldn't play too tired?  I actually play better drunk, than I do when too tired!  Go figure.  But knowing oneself is important in many areas of life.

follow the links to see graphs and stats in HEM... on the whole larger picture though, in the past week I am up 17% total, everything combined.  Remove the playing too tired, and this could easily be up 300%.  Food for thought.  And on that note, time to retire before another long week of work, with a little more balanced hours as part of my goal.
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