Sunday, February 6, 2011

Phil Helmuth playing in San Fran and I missed it!

Prior to heading to Texas, Hellmuth had been competing in a high-stakes home game in California. He explained over Twitter, “Playing No Limit Hold’em in San Fran right now at @davidsacks house in my regular game + winning! No one will let me Tweet out their name!” He later updated his 58,000 rabid followers on his financial situation: “Yes! Finally booked a win in my home game, was down $27,000 after 4 plays playing w/Team Owners, Billionaires, + Celebs. Won $12,000 tonight.” Rough life.

I've got to find my way into this home game!!  It's not like I'll see him on PokerStars anytime soon...
..or will we?
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