Saturday, January 22, 2011

About time for a revamp!

It's about time I revamped both my poker playing, locations, hours, and my blog!

My last two sessions were my 2nd and 3rd worse in the history of my playing!  Down 12.5 buyins and down 6 buyins respecitvely, at 10nl stakes.  In both cases, I played late at night when my brain was already dead from working a lot, and this is probably one of the 'danger' times when I should avoid playing at all.

bwin Launches Real Money iPhone Poker App according to Poker News Daily.  I recall Annie Duke being involved in some poker app going live for mobile phones... and I have played Zynga's app on my Droid.  I think I heard or read that Full Tilt had Rush on the mobile market.  I'll have to look into that.  I haven't looked lately to see if PokerStars has made the jump yet.  I'll be curious to see how secure these apps are in the reviews.

Also over at Poker News Daily is this interview with Verneer, regarding his Charity Grind, where he turns $200 bankroll into $10,000 and donates it to charity.  I'm always behind anyone helping make the world a better place, and look forward to the positive effects this has on the poker world. 

PokerStars launched the Home Games.. and it's about time!  It's great when you have a group of friends that all want to join a tournament or cash game among mostly friends :)  I'll post a review about that after I've had time to play more in the 3 Home Game clubs I belong to.

I don't have much time for a full update, but do have a backlog of posts.  I shall do more spot posting between my busy work schedules.
Lynn Gilmartin having fun at the Aussie Millions, PCA stories to cover, WBCOOP is coming this week, Daleroxxu has started his adventure, Chiren80 has finally gotten to the project release date, and hopefully, we'll all be enlightened as to what he has been working on for so long!  Good Luck to all, on the tables and off!
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