Saturday, December 17, 2011

Poker (and Life) Etiquette

Lots of news coming, but I'm going to post this while it's fresh in my mind...I didn't get there in time to take @Pokerati's money or give him anything to post about, but there will definitely be another chance for that ;)

I was playing at the Palms last night, when a couple players sat down who can be described as Obnoxious.  We'll call them Player X and Player Y, for professional reasons, and leave the Truth Speaking to @AsianSpa.

Player X was apparently an employee or family of one of the Casinos, but likes to talk like he's part of "The" family, the Mafia.  Somewhat drunk, or under the influence of something, or a combination both, most likely.  But definitely crossing more lines as the night goes on.  At first, I was wondering if he was overacting to get the action he was seeking, because he was playing just fine, even as he got more rude, his poker playing habits seemed well honed.  Our somewhat nitty table loosened up, and we even ended up getting almost everyone at the table a shot of something...

Player Y showed up with a young famous poker pro, whom is in the mega earnings category, and sat in obviously over-rolled for this $1/$3 game of NLHE.   He was more amusing in his obnoxious behavior, and the game certainly changed dynamics by a huge margin.  We suddenly went from nitty, mostly post flop play, to heavy preflop play with barely any flops seen.  It was like we suddently entered a Single Table Tournament (STT) with sit n go type final table action....

Although both played well, and I enjoyed playing with them for a time, it quickly degraded into the floor being called several times, as Player X showed less and less observance of boundaries, and any politeness went out the window as he went into downright rude and threatening statements, and louder and louder volume.  When Player X and Y started confronting each other, the real fireworks started, the action was crazy, with quite a few all ins.  Even though Player X racked out up a buy in or two.. he was eventually asked to leave after several warnings from the dealers and the floor.  Props to Floor, Stan, and the Dealers, for handling things professionally.

Player Y whom had been treading the line, but staying on this side of poker etiquette, degraded into what appeared to be a "doing this for attention" type of situation.  I started thinking of all the young, rich poker players, and the disparity between the maturity of a certain generation of players.  I certainly hope all the immature players will benefit from being friends with the class acts, so they learn how to act in public and why it's important to their career, and life in general.  I started thinking about how I can get along with so many types of players, because I understand so much more about human nature now that I am "older and wiser", as opposed to when I was a young, foolish, genius who thought he knew everything.  Perspective is a wonderful thing when you have it.  For some it comes naturally, and for some, it comes from experience.

Even when you have no good influence friends, which I highly encourage everyone to choose, you will still see examples all around you if you just open your eyes.  There's a whole world out there; learn from it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

WPBT, Vegas, Pokerati, Ftrain, TaoPauly, Epic, Palms, etc etc etc...

Who has time to blog when so many friends are in town, so many poker activities, satellites, tournaments, cash games, meeting new friends, working in between long hours.....

But somewhere I've got to make the time, too much has been going on NOT to share.  Now, however, is NOT the time... I've got to go try to knock out @AnnieDuke and @JoeUgly from an Epic poker satellite for their bootylicious bounties! Save me a seat @AlCantHang (boy he sure can HANG all night and day!)

topics in the near future:
Cash game notes chat group and forums chat group and forums
Pokerati game at the Palms Poker room (1 orbit NLHE and 1 orbit PLO, cycles)
WPBT and meeting "old friends" for the first time
Rio Final Table haze while being sick
Moving to Vegas and adjusting to my new home, and loving it (i have a social life again!)
Still loving my job and learning (business trip to Santa Monica on Monday)
Many new friends online and at the table from all over the globe
Merge online poker for US Players
Bodog breaking and fixing their issues
Poker Radio Shows ( have a lot of catch up here)
Balance and Moderation, the formula for Happiness

See you later, I'm off to aim for some bounties!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Resuming Live Play = Resuming Blogging and Moving to Vegas

It has been far too long since I've blogged on a regular basis, but that is all about to change.  I have been happily working at my day job, and will continue to be, but I am moving to Las Vegas this weekend.
Last weekend, I played a couple nights, booked some solid wins, looked at apartments, found a couple great ones, applied, put my deposits down from my winnings, and was approved before I got on my flight home.
This weekend, I'm moving.  I had my doubts about moving to the desert, as I hate the heat.  But after a year of living in San Francisco, where I'm always working and rarely outside, I've decided it won't be much different.  And, after visiting, and finding I can breathe better, I have decided it'll be perfect for my needs.  I'll still be working the majority of the time, as I have been, but when I have the time and energy to go play poker, I'll be just a few miles from the strip.  I've always been a bit of a night owl, and will enjoy being able to work late, and then still find a decent meal in the middle of the night :)
Many of my friends are in Vegas, or travel to Vegas on a regular basis, including long time high school friends.  I suspect I'll have a little bit better social life.
My brief stats from my 2 live poker sessions while I was there last week:

$535/$200 = +$335 first night I played at Planet Hollywood.. recognized one pro at table.
$665/$200 = +$465 .. or $800 total on the week.  Not bad for $1/$2 (4buyins) .. think I played against ManderButt!

Edit:  I had 2 more sessions after this that put me up to $2,000 up, but spent a fair amount on a REAL bed and move in costs, etc.  I'll have to dig in twitter to find the exact totals.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WSOP announced changes, MEDIA must read!

Interesting changes from WSOP regarding media passes and rules...

I've got ok bankroll on PokerStars , 1/3 as much on UB and working on a bonus, and a few bucks on Full Tilt for misc tourneys, or a few mins of rush in downtime, which I always seem too busy for anymore!

Live tournament is tonight but not sure I'll have time to go, again.  I haven't been in over 6 months I think! maybe longer... and i'm itching to go play some Live poker for a change!  Lucky Chances and Artichoke Joes, Bay101 Shooting Stars is coming up.. I just missed the LAPC at the Commerce.  Next week is the NAPT in LA as well.

But I love my job, lots to learn and grow with, business is starting to boom, can't complain.

Speaking of which, time to get back to work!

I'll catch up on stuff like Isildur1 showdowns, the winner of the $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown, and other cool things going on in the poker world.. it's been a busy month!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Session results from this weekend on PokerStars

Posted some blogs over at where I hang out when chatting about poker, helping others, whining about my bad beats.. learning from people more consistent than myself, etc..

Played a large variety of from PSO tournaments, Shenanigans, Shanoobigans, and cash games, including 8game, HORSE, Mixed Hold'em, 10nl, 25nl, 50nl, and 100FL, full ring and 6max.
I think I have much more Zen approach to poker lately, as long as I don't play when I'm tired.  How many times have I said in my own blog, let alone forums posts elsewhere, that I shouldn't play too tired?  I actually play better drunk, than I do when too tired!  Go figure.  But knowing oneself is important in many areas of life.

follow the links to see graphs and stats in HEM... on the whole larger picture though, in the past week I am up 17% total, everything combined.  Remove the playing too tired, and this could easily be up 300%.  Food for thought.  And on that note, time to retire before another long week of work, with a little more balanced hours as part of my goal.

Phil Helmuth playing in San Fran and I missed it!

Prior to heading to Texas, Hellmuth had been competing in a high-stakes home game in California. He explained over Twitter, “Playing No Limit Hold’em in San Fran right now at @davidsacks house in my regular game + winning! No one will let me Tweet out their name!” He later updated his 58,000 rabid followers on his financial situation: “Yes! Finally booked a win in my home game, was down $27,000 after 4 plays playing w/Team Owners, Billionaires, + Celebs. Won $12,000 tonight.” Rough life.

I've got to find my way into this home game!!  It's not like I'll see him on PokerStars anytime soon...
..or will we?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Isildur1 vs Dan Cates, from Poker News Daily
Isildur1 vs Dan "jungleman12" Cates... I think jungleman (aka "w00ki3z." on PokerStars ) will take Viktor to the cleaners!  You heard it here first.  Wookie love all the way!

<-- reminder to myself to buy some protectors for my phone!

What cool DROID apps do you poker players use??  I've been much too busy working to shop around :)

WBCOOP .. I scored an $11 SCOOP ticket and a ticket for the WBCOOP Main Event, but I will be spending the weekend with my kids for my daughters birthday.  (my priorities are straight, are yours?)

Good luck to all who are in, especially Chris Parsley, someone who like myself, livestreams from (the community Chiren80 started...)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I missed the Twitter Poker League Main Event!

Congrats to the winners in the Twitter Poker League today :)  (my tweet got eaten by Twitter so reposting here)
#tpoker congrats to brokecope 3rd, G->C4 2nd, and koenten82 1st in the Twitter Poker League today.. maybe i'll have time to play in 2 weeks!

There was also a Twitter Poker League Main Event that I dont' see a reminder about in Email, and I missed it!  It had been running about 3 hours when I logged on... oh well, always next season :)
Here are the top results for those who didn't miss it :) 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Islidur1 Signed by PokerStars!

PokerStars Signs Online Poker Icon ISILDUR1
Edit: It is in fact, Viktor Blom.

We are pleased to announce that one of the most mysterious online high-stakes players in the world “Isildur1” has joined Team PokerStars Pro. The enigmatic player, who has still yet to publicly reveal his identity, shot to fame in the poker world in 2009 when he took on and beat some of the biggest heads-up players in the game. But with a place on Team PokerStars Pro now confirmed, Isildur1’s real identity is set to be unveiled in the near future.

When asked what the deal means to him, Isildur1 said: “I chose to join PokerStars because it's the biggest site and it will be an exciting challenge. It means a great deal to be playing in a team alongside players such as Daniel Negreanu, Dario Minieri and Johnny Lodden. My goals now are to improve my live game for some upcoming events, continue to focus on heads-up no-limit Hold’em, but also try to develop my pot-limit Omaha game.”

In a bid to prove that Isildur1 is the best heads-up cash game player in the world, he will be playing a series of high stakes heads-up matches at The specially developed SuperStar Showdown format consists of a single session of 2,500 hands at stakes no lower than $50/$100. His first match will take place at 6pm ET on December 19, with the opponent to be named in the coming days. For more information please visit:

EditThe unveiling at the PCA was uneventual, anticlimatic if you will, no Phil Helmuth dramatics here.  But hopefully the action on PokerStars will be fast and furious!  I look forward to seeing what poker players will be brave enough to venture over to PokerStars for the showdowns.

About time for a revamp!

It's about time I revamped both my poker playing, locations, hours, and my blog!

My last two sessions were my 2nd and 3rd worse in the history of my playing!  Down 12.5 buyins and down 6 buyins respecitvely, at 10nl stakes.  In both cases, I played late at night when my brain was already dead from working a lot, and this is probably one of the 'danger' times when I should avoid playing at all.

bwin Launches Real Money iPhone Poker App according to Poker News Daily.  I recall Annie Duke being involved in some poker app going live for mobile phones... and I have played Zynga's app on my Droid.  I think I heard or read that Full Tilt had Rush on the mobile market.  I'll have to look into that.  I haven't looked lately to see if PokerStars has made the jump yet.  I'll be curious to see how secure these apps are in the reviews.

Also over at Poker News Daily is this interview with Verneer, regarding his Charity Grind, where he turns $200 bankroll into $10,000 and donates it to charity.  I'm always behind anyone helping make the world a better place, and look forward to the positive effects this has on the poker world. 

PokerStars launched the Home Games.. and it's about time!  It's great when you have a group of friends that all want to join a tournament or cash game among mostly friends :)  I'll post a review about that after I've had time to play more in the 3 Home Game clubs I belong to.

I don't have much time for a full update, but do have a backlog of posts.  I shall do more spot posting between my busy work schedules.
Lynn Gilmartin having fun at the Aussie Millions, PCA stories to cover, WBCOOP is coming this week, Daleroxxu has started his adventure, Chiren80 has finally gotten to the project release date, and hopefully, we'll all be enlightened as to what he has been working on for so long!  Good Luck to all, on the tables and off!