Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Latest for #Grindstream #TheWookieWay on @PokerStars starting DAILY blog

Tao of Poker ... Paul McGuire has a new book! click here
Love his writing style.  Highly recommend it for the REALISTIC viewpoint of the side of poker that you don't see on TV.

I'm going to keep some daily stats on my blog from now on. (as close to daily as possible)  This will help me keep my eye on the actual averages of my playing, and progress so far.  I'll be keeping track of stakes, #of Hands, Net profit/loss, winrate in BB/100 (=2bb/100) , Rake paid; PTR stats for Earnings total, Total winrate, Total hands;  BankRoll, Stellar Reward status, FPP's, VPP's,

Here are the totals for the past 2 days..
Stakes    Hands        Net    Winrate        Rake
2nl     159,970        $120    1.88BB/100    $262
5nl    85,374        -$205    -2.40        $265
10nl    115,008        -$281    -1.22        $626
25nl    37,367        -$1,271    -6.80        $605

Earning    -$1,939        -0.95 BB/100
Hands    408,187

BR =     $220.65
Stellar    931
FPP=     229.83
VPP=     848.53
10:32 AM 6/29/2010  Horrible day, -$4.64 on the day 2191 Hands, 4 hours playtime.

Stakes    Hands        Net    Winrate        Rake
2nl     162,783        $116    1.79BB/100    $267
5nl    87,229        -$204    -2.34        $270
10nl    115,325        -$283    -1.23        $627
25nl    37,367        -$1,271    -6.80        $605

Earning    -$1,945        -0.96 BB/100
Hands    413,172

BR =     $215.40
Stellar    1098
FPP=     105.50 (spent 375fpp on $6 micro reward)
VPP=     1015.36
8:09 PM 6/30/2010  Great session so far, +$15 mostly 2nl, 5bb/100 @ 5NL and 39bb/100 @ 2nl, 2018 hands, 3hrs

I will often be found at livestreaming on what I have dubbed the #grindstream
this month for July, they have MicroMania and VPP bonuses, as posted in my previous post on this blog, so expect to me grinding every waking hour that I am able to.  I have a new job in the works, and some projects to work on as well, so it will be a struggle to balance the time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

PokerStars changes to Rake at micro stakes, and VPP changes for VIP program

I have all kinds of things to report about 2nl, 5nl, 10nl, maybe even 25nl at PokerStars (full ring) and some Rush 5nl and 10nl at Full Tilt (full ring) but first... 
We interrupt this very busy grinder (aka slave!) schedule to bring you info re: Interesting changes over at PokerStars.  Here is the 2+2 forums post

PokerStars would like to announce the following changes to VIP Reward Bonuses effective immediately:

There is a new $25 VIP Reward Bonus available to all players, including BronzeStar VIPs, for 2,500 FPPs

The $50 VIP Reward Bonus has been reduced in price from 5,000 FPPs to 4,500 FPPs.

The $285 VIP Reward Bonus is now a $300 VIP Reward Bonus, for the same price of 25,000 FPPs.

PokerStars does plan to make any major changes to the VIP Program at the start of each year when feasible, but these changes indisputably benefit players so they were able to be made midyear.

The above changes are all permanent. In addition, PokerStars will be running a 'MicroMania' promotion in July to benefit those who play the smallest stakes on the site. This promotion increases VIP Club benefits in two ways:

Each player can purchase one $6 instant cash credit from the VIP Store for 375 FPPs between now and the end of July.

NL and PL Cash games up to including stakes of $0.05/$0.10 will offer 10x VPPs in July. All new tables created starting over 12 hours ago have been awarding 10x (as opposed to the usual 5.5x or 6x) VPPs at NL/PL tables up to and including $0.05/$0.10 stakes. A server restart early this week will ensure that all of these types of tables are awarding 10x VPPs before July 1st. VPP earning at these tables will return to normal after July 31st.

Additional MicroMania promotions not focused on the VIP Club will be announced over the coming week.

NOTE: this just in ...
Yes, and for MTT players as well.

From July 1st - 31st, 50-man $1 + $0.10 'Super Sit & Go' tournaments will be offered. Every player who wins at least one of these tournaments during the month will receive a share of $100,000, divided equally amongst all Super Sit & Go winners in July.

There will also be four daily $1 MTTs from July 1st - 31st, each with $1,000 added, taking place at 10:20, 13:20, 19:20, and 22:20 ET.

Last but not least, there will be four special $1.10 MTTs, each with a major tournament package (live) or entry (WCOOP) added, as follows:

July 4th: LAPT Florianopolis
July 11th: NAPT Los Angeles
July 18th: EPT London
July 25th: WCOOP Main Event
Over on 2+2 or on Friendly Poker, looking for Rake info for 2nl hands at PokerStars and Full Tilt for comparison!

Turbo Takedown on June 27th, 2010 
I didn't have 3000fpp to enter.  I satellited in for 500fpp.  Woot.
I cashed in Turbo Takedown, 1999 of 15,400 people, for $110.00
There is a promotion for consecutive cashes in TT's on PokerStars listed here:
particulary this:

Audi TT for EVERY Turbo Takedown winner

The player that wins the Turbo Takedown each month will be rewarded with a brand-new Audi TT*.

Bonuses for repeat cashes

If you cash in consecutive Turbo Takedown tournaments, you'll get a bonus with a super-fast 5x clearance rate, based on how many times you make the money. Cash in two consecutive tournaments and you'll get a $100 bonus. Make the money the following month and you'll get a $200 bonus and so on, all the way up to a maximum of $1,000. So if you think you are good enough to string together a few cash finishes, make sure you play every month to keep your good run going!

Team PokerStars Pro bounties

Every time a member of Team PokerStars Pro plays the Turbo Takedown, they'll have a $100 bounty on their head. This means that not only do you get to play alongside the biggest names in poker, you get to earn cash when you bust them.
Please note: Bonuses and bounties will be credited within 48 hours of the tournament's completion.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slave to the Grind

Sometimes, we set goals for ourselves, that are not easy.  Sometimes, we become so focused on those goals, we lose perspective.  Sometimes, the only way through some obstacles in the way of what we want, is through lots of hard work.  Life, is one of those things you just got to find a way to balance.

My current goals are many, lofty, inspiring to some, and should be quite fulfilling in the end.  But for now, I am at a bottleneck.  Until I overcome my current obstacles, or find a way around them, all else is out of reach.  I am focused on overcoming any obstacles.  I am dedicated to this path, and the work required.  I will find the way. 

It is a shame the world revolves around money.  It is a shame that I must conquer these monetary goals now, as they are the gateway to allow me the resources and tools to apply my abilities in making the world a better place.  But it is my reality right now, and there is nothing else to do but move forward.

Apparently, this is also a walk a must make alone, for now.  So be it.