Tuesday, March 30, 2010

22 hour work day. Focused. Efficient.

It was a long birthday, but it was fulfilling.  I've had to put a hold on helping others until my bankroll is healthier.  I've shared a considerable portion so far, but this will have to be put on hold until I'm more secure.

We had the first annual Wookie's Bday  Tourney for $1 over at Friendly Poker .  Maybe by next year I'll have a freeroll!  It was a lot of fun.   We have been wanting to battle it out amongst our friends for a while.  We'll be setting up some weekly tournaments starting this weekend, and mix those in with Chiren80's events and hopefully Chipstar1's as well.  That should keep us entertained!

I'm a little impressed at how much every has improved since January.  It's good to see everyone advancing their game, controlling their tilt, making progress, and enjoying da GAIMZ!! :D  The tournament really brings out the competitive side in some more than others ;)  I felt like I had a target on my back the whole time!  Next time, I'll put a bounty on myself and make it official so there's no question!

I did more research than work today, but it'll pay off.  I came close to advancing in 'the Big Game' today. Need to focus on that one tomorrow.  Need a battle plan NOW for SCOOP (have 4 tickets to use so far), and for WSOP satellites!  In addition, I need to solidly build my bankroll.  Lots of work ahead.
I started playing some S&G's today.. 6 cashes out of 11 tourneys, two 3rd, two 2nd, and two 1st for 180 leaderboard points.  need around 530 for first atm.. I think this is very doable in 20 tourneys.   I will probably play enough for High Orbit too (100games) for both leader boards on the micro level ($1.20), and then move on to the $3, repeat, and then evaluate my progress and future plans for Cash Games or Sit & Gos.

I'm going to start listing those books that I recommend for all those asking me about what to read, aside from forums.

Just a quick report, as I've been up almost 24 hours and time for sleep.  Sweet dreams.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

VIP video for PokerStars

I've been getting a lot of questions about the VIP program at PokerStars (aka rakeback) so here is a video!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I have some catching up to do!!

PokerStars is talking about a Twitter Freeroll, Twitter League... stay tuned for further details. Sounds like fun!

Friendly Poker invaded a couple more freerolls this week... one was an ambitious $3 rebuy! I placed 37th for $153, Liam placed 28th, and 3j55 placed 12th for $441 !
We had hopes that 3 of us would make the final table for an epic story, but sometime soon, we'll manage this.

I have help almost 90 people start their bankrolls through the Friendly Poker Community, but now I am myself struggling with 25nl. Sometimes up, sometimes down, but on a downward trend this week. It's time to ship it, or move down!!

I have been helping new players, and did not plan on doing any coaching until my graph was impressive, and my bankroll had a bit more cushion, but I have been helping a couple people through those early speedbumps you encounter when you get started playing poker for money ;)

For now, I am concentrating on my game. I have played 75k hands so far this month, and should be far ahead of where I am now. I'm down 5 buyins since I moved up to 25nl, and if I drop 2 more, it's time to move back to 10nl for a while. It sucks for an aspiring pro, but it's the most important part of bankroll management.

I may actually get some coaching for the first time... just maybe!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friendly Poker weekly tournaments, staking and Winners!

Over at Friendly Poker where we hang out and chat about poker, and WoW occasionally, Chiren80 has started a weekly 'staking' tournament deal where the members of community who fit certain criteria get staked in one of the $1+Rebuy tournaments on PokerStars and I do my part to help those that don't meet these requirements.

Today was the first of those, and quite a few people cashed, including yours truly (zombparadox) and 1 person that I staked.
The big news, though, was Timon1044 took down the victory for $1500+ !! Not bad, eh? Expect to see more Friendly Poker people at cash tables and in tournaments like this one.

I will be organizing some tournaments myself, or similar staking deals. It is a great community and you should check it out if you have spare time ;) Nothing more fun that having a bunch of your online friends rail ya during a deep run :)

Chiren80, a PokerStars Online Pro, occasionally livestreams and is VERY entertaining here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/athene-poker
Feel free to come check it out, we are very new player friendly :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10nl GRIND.. FriendlyPoker.net, Reading

So I've been on this grind lately. Trying to get out of 10NL. I will be so happy when I finally move up. I would play longer sessions to get there sooner, but .. my winrate drops frequently the longer I play, and it definitely slows down when all the short stackers move in about 2 to 3am PST.
I hear Daylight Savings is on Mar14th. (tangent)

Lots of friends at www.friendlypoker.net and good to have people to chat with about poker. I have been helping others get started by loaning them $1.10 to get them started. $46 sent out so far. $7 refunded so far.

Reading, and more reading. Lots of CardPlayer and Bluff magazines to catch up on. Need to make a run to the bookstore, or order on Amazon, some new books to read.

Still working on GoldStar this month. Just bought my last $10 Stellar Reward, and working on the first $50 reward. Thank you PokerStars.

Just a brief update, and back to the grind...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PokerStars revised SCOOP, & my Slave to the Grind

PokerStars Revised SCOOP schedule after input from players. Starts May 2nd, 2010.

I still have mega VPP to attain by Mar 7th, about 4600 or so left to go. So I am Slave the Grind until then.. with my Mother's Birthday on Saturday, that will cut into my time available.
I will not be able to clear all of my bonus or even most of it. At about 200vpp a day, i'll get about 1/4 of it cleared. Live and learn. PokerStars will be the death of me yet!

Been hanging out and chatting at the Friendly Poker community, which is beginner friendly ;) Stop by and say Hi, especially if you are thinking about getting into poker and haven't yet. Tell them Wookie sent ya!

Oh yea, I'll be sure to post some more this week, some strats, some BAD hands, what NOT to do, etc :) Hopefully, someone will find this helpful.