Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's the small things in life.... and NAPT comments

Listening to, and sometimes watching, the NAPT live commentary here: http://www.napt.com/tv/

Just watched Mercier put Moneymaker all in with KK vs AKcc .. and Moneymaker made a Royal Flush! Sometimes, you just KNOW a certain card is coming, call it out, and BAM, there it is!

PokerStars announces SCOOP schedule here: 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule

I currently have at least 3 tickets for this event, possibly 4, and will see how many more events I can afford by the time it gets here. It seems it was last year at this time when I REALLY got into playing poker, playing plenty of Hubbles freerolls, reading everything I could, like CardPlayer, Bluff, 2+2 Poker Forums, etc etc etc
What a year it's been!

I remember it like a year of college. Lots of studying and spending MONEY! I think it was as little cheaper, having only cost me 1 semesters worth of investment financially, but just as much time studying. I feel so much better to where I am now, and am happy with my choices for the most part. Some of the mistakes I had to learn the hard way, will serve me well later, when I have more to lose.

Last weekend, I had a horrible ride on the Variance train, to the tune of being down 15 buyins! It was so bad, I took a break for a couple days, even though I am on a tight schedule!

Today, I had a much better day, took some time out and little of my BR to invest in playing tournaments, which I am much better at than cash. And I CASHED in 4 tournaments (making 3 Final Tables), and just missed a 5th cash by 2 people. It seems easier NOT being the bubble boy even though you are 1 more spot away from cashing. But it was a good day after a good night of grinding followed by a good day of tournaments.

There was an interesting thing I noted today in the Freerolls. SOOO many people were playing SHOVE OR FOLD. Right from the start and throughout the tournament! Interesting. It's much harder to play against people playing like this, trying to force you into coin flips.
But, you can still pick your spots wisely, and use your patience to overcome their insistence on using luck, which is why playing poker is clearly a game of skill! Isn't it???
And doesn't that relate to so many areas of life? Contracts, Record Deals, Marketing, Relationship Decisions?
There are many relationships between Poker and Life. Maybe that's why the game is still around...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Variance is a ... what a week, 5500vpp in 2 weeks??

Variance. Sucks. Ass.
I have been having a good and a bad week, all in the same week. Beating 10nl for 6-11bb/100 .. and then... -10bb/100 ... up and down sessions. I'm good at ignoring bad beats most of the time, but when you are down 7 buyins IN A ROW, it can get to you. If you let it.

To clear my deposit bonus, in 2 weeks, I have to clear 5500vpp!!! that's 15 hours a day at 10nl, even playing 650 hands/hour! I will be on a grinding marathon until I get back to 25nl. However, my Bankroll was up to 270, but is now back down to 160. That's 11 buyins total I'm down. Oy vey!

Friendly Poker has released FPCoach, to help beginners get up to speed in preparation for further levels of training for Poker. "It's all about da GAIMZ!"

"You are pro, or noob. That is life!" - Chiren80

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday update, building BR, NBC HU final tomorrow

On PokerStars, there is a nice qualifier for the NBC Heads Up challenge. I made it through the final. Winner of the final, tomorrow, gets to be on TV. That would be a real boost to the poker career ;)

I made it through a field of 8500 to qualify for the NAPT final (freeroll), and got 53rd of 508 there.

Was running decent in the Meet Joe Cada in Vegas final until the migraine set in. FAIL there, but did qualify for the NAPT final at the same time. Once again, ran better until I started adding more tournaments to keep busy. So easy to make a mistake when chatting to much in 1 tourney while big hand in another tourney. Though I am better at controlling this link, there is still room for improvement.

BR is building nicely. It was a hectic bad start of the year, but much improved since February as I started practicing BankRoll management like a religion, which it must be for anyone living off their bankroll.

EATING is -EV! Just like drinking, I need to wait 60 mins before trying to play after eating, or waking up. I didn't realize how huge this was until recently. All my bad sessions came from playing sleepy/too long, or from playing right after I eat.
Will change this to eat, then nap, then a WALK to wake up, THEN poker. I'll report back later on how this is going.

Staying away from negative people is like staying away from bad beats. It's not something you can control, but you can choose to not let it affect you. There will always be negative people that need to learn things in their own time. I wish them the best.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Helping out beginning players, up to Sponsored Pros!

I was a beginner. I needed a bankroll. I didn't have any money to deposit.

In an effort to support the Friendly Poker community, I am staking players for $1 on days when I have winning seesions.

See this post on the forums there: http://friendlyp.ning.com/forum/topics/wookies-bankroll-management

It is always good to give back to the communities and/or people that helped you get where you are today. :) or places where you enjoy hanging out and don't want to see disappear!

Barry Greenstein is a very interesting person with some interesting things to say about what it takes and what it's like to be a sponsored poker pro playing live tournaments

Today is the last day of the 'day job'. No more 9 to 5. My bankroll IS NOT READY!
I had planned on having $2,000 by this date to be able to live off my bankroll. It's going to be a lean month!

Tomorrow I have the Meet Joe Cad in Vegas Final tournament. It'll be a cheap way to go to Vegas, see some friends, and build my bankroll! My uncle used to say, "There's more than one way to skin cat!"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Negativity and not letting it affect you...

So my stats. They suck. Like, real bad. But, I know I'm a way better poker player than I was back when I had a good graph, when I was turning $50 into $450 live. When I came in 8th of 100 in my first ever live tournament.
It's not easy, to be insulated from the negative things people say when they view my PTR which shows a nice ski slope down to negative $1100. (linked here) It'll look like a ski jump for the next week with the little upswing at the end, but that's another story!

I guess it's natural for people to be "naysayers". Everyone who was successful at anything has come across them, whether they be family, friends, competitors, or the public at large. I was always taught if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. And it's been a healthy manner to learn. People do well under psoitive reinforcment. Most people. There are always exceptions to every rule. :)

However, Never EVER let that affect you. Be yourself. Find your own path. Only you can make the choices that are right for you. If you decide on a different path, you can always change it. We all have Freewill! (Rush - Freewill)

Are you strong enough to share your worst experiences along the way of your chosen path? It's not easy sometimes, but I do my best. I will show all my mistakes and stumbles along the way in the hopes that it helps those that need it, and entertains those that just want to follow the story. The story of our lives.
Hint: most of the lessons I have learned in Poker apply to Life as well. Feel free to use them as you wish.

For now, here is a better snapshot of recent HEM stats. (past 3 days, and first week in Feb)
I will follow this up with a complete FUGLY picture of my overall stats since last summer... WARNING: it's horrid and may have all but the most faithful become doubtful of my journey .. :D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

WBCOOP Booby prize, aka runner up on Twitter

TheWookieWay, aka ZomBParadox on PokerStars, aka THAT'S ME, was happy to view this :)
I missed it yesterday because I was working. Unlike last week when I was Working, Playing in WBCOOP, Tweetin about WBCOOP, and Bloggin! This week feels like a vacation in comparison. I now have much more respect for the blokes at PokerStars.tv, PokerStars Blog, and all the industry professionals who give us up to the minute or live reporting.


alright then, back to work! no babes this time! .. well, maybe later...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Online Pro Chiren80 makes Unsolvable Riddle for Tourney Password

Chiren80, otherwise known as Athene (the greatest paladin from WoW?), had a Freeroll for the poker community at FriendlyPoker It was invaded by about 600+ freeroll farmers.
So to make sure that didn't happen again, he made a very tough riddle to solve in order to the pass, and he would release clues until the day of the tourney before releasing the password. There is also a $50 bounty for the first person to register for the tournament. The prizepool is $1,337 (aka a LEET amount).

It's been 3 days and no one, out of over 200 + people, has figured out the password. There have been 7 hints now as well.
Feel free to try the riddle yourself. I suspect even you Mensa types will have your fairshare of trouble with this one. If you have known Athene for a long time, you may have an advantage, then again, that may be meaningless too. I wonder how many message boards this riddle has been already posted on?

Many of the faithful members of this community believe this is just the BEST TROLL EVER! (that is apparently not the pass either... )
People have been so unsuccessful at this, that he's even made some humorous videos like this one about even Hitler not finding the password!

Will his community believe his pw is NOT lame as he says? or will they hold this against him for a long time to come? I guess we'll see...