Saturday, November 6, 2010

WSOP Final Table is TODAY! and I wish I was there!

The November Nine is finally here, playing live since Noon PST (3pm EST) today.. (don't forget to set your clocks back for daylight savings time tonight!) 
Already out is Soi Nguyen in 9th for $811,823 and Matthew Jarvis for $1,045,743 in 9th and 8th, respectively.
The vibe at the theater is Great this year.. this will be an action final table, and I predict shorter than a lot of people expect, certainly shorter than I expected.  I had originally predicted Senti and Mizrachi in the top 3, but I'll have revise my prediction about Cheong and add him to the top 3 as well.. I just have this feeling when I see him on camera that he may end up in heads up reels for years to come...
I am certainly NOT rooting for Candio, he's just too wild.. and he may get paid off with that strategy, but it will not be as fun seeing someone win with a suckout, which is what I predict we'll see from him if he makes it to the top 3.
ESPN3 has a livefeed with 5 min delay, and no hole cards of course, with my favorite commentator from @PokerStars James Hartigan leading the commentary, and expect quite a few poker pro guest commentators..
I'm just going to make a short post for now.. I just watched Senti shove all in Blind vs Blind vs Cheong with K7o, obviously just making a move on the spot, and Cheong called with A9s (clubs).  Nice call by Cheong.
Jason Senti's is the dog in a 35% to 65% race for his tournament life, the flop is Jd-6s-3, turn is Ad, and the crowd starts cheering as he has a backdoor flush draw with a diamond on the river, @matthewjarvis is close with his prediction of the 9diamonds, as the river is the 10d for the backdoor flush in Diamonds, and Senti doubles up through Cheong!  This hand is a turning point for Senti ... mark my words!
The Twitter world is filled with live reporting of the action, is playing the livestream with a 5 min delay, and ESPN will air the broadcast with holecards on Monday or Tuesday evening.. good luck avoiding any spoilers during that time :)
A big shout out to all my friends live in Vegas, including BigFoot, as I wish I was there, but I started a great new job just last week.. see you at the next live event.
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