Sunday, August 1, 2010

Burnout on PokerStars...

It's been a rough month in July. I started playing on Ultimate Bet, 4 tabling with great winrates. I played Rush week with no good results other than volume, but can play 1100 hands/hour there the easiest, so it's the best 'rakeback' farming spot. However, it feels more like a video game to me, than anywhere else becasue of my lack of stats on Rush players in Hold'em Manager. This will change as I get more info, but I'm not sure I'm collecting stats in hands where I quick fold, which will make my reliable stats grow more slowly than a Full Ring table where you always see the results. I started playing some Full Ring to fix my graph on PTR, as it'd be nice to have a current graph without past mistakes bogging it down.
I took a shot at UB.. took my $10 up to about $40, and then tried to Spin Up to a higher stake quickly. This involves risk and should be viewed as 'expendable' money, or similar to investing in volatile stocks. Only invest what you can afford to lose. It didn't work this time, but it will.
I took only my 3rd break from Poker in over 9 months. It was time, I was burning out.
The break was refreshing and I'm recharged and thinking more clearly, more "in the moment" which is necessary to play your A game.
I'll be checking out, and blogging about, the Poker School on PokerStars , and playing in the Twitter Poker League, along with Shenanigans and Shanoobigans tourneys from the 2+2 forums, and grinding cash on the #grindstream at Friendly Poker and my "TheWookieWay" livestream or Chiren80's on FP.

Come join me in any of these locations. See you on the felts.
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