Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aug21 Update 5 more cashes, 3 sats, and a few buys in Cash Grind

Just brief update before I sleep..
Aug 19  MTT Cash   58th of 3041
Aug 20  MTT Cash   14th of 1797, 153.2 TLB points
              2nd of 4 while sleeping! (thanks Pingu!)
              MTT Cash  328th of 2947 (NAPL?)
              1 Satellite
Aug 21  MTT Cash   250th of 2645, 43.98 TLB points
              MTT Cash   55th   of 393,  36.15 TLB points
              2 Satellites
And so far this week, in the Cash Grind: over 5k hands, I'm 30bb/100 at 2nl, 11bb/100 at 5nl, and 9.5bb/100 at 10nl, solid, and up about 4 buyins.  Good recovery from the previous weeks downslope.
Playing more MTT and supplementing with Cash has been working well for me, instead of the other way around.
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