Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aug MTT update on PokerStars

ugh, i want my blog colors and setup but need to customize the format so i can change the width when i want to, but will have to spend some time doing that... -EV!!!

Since Aug 1, 2010, I have 46 emails from PokerStars support for MTT and Satellite winnings...the graph that doesn't fit below is TLB for the year.. and I have not yet begun to grind MTT like I can.  I've only played enough to verify that I am going to spend the majority of my time on SNG and MTT, and minority on Cash games.
Highlights: 15 Sunday 1/4 mil sats, 22nd and 10th in Twitter Poker League, 1st and 2nd in Shanoobigans, cashes in NAPL and PokerCast League, 12th, 10th, and 2nd for sizable cashes in large mtt's (2000 to 4500 entrants), etc...
I was going to type in all 46 results, but decided I'd condense with a summary here, and paste the TLB points below, but will still need to fix my blog to accept wider entries.

Better posts tomorrow ... btw, 3200 more hands of Cash to get my Zombie badge on PTR, it's the little things in life :P

Not all of the above points may count toward weekly, monthly or annual Leader Board standings. Only the 10 best results will be counted for the weekly rankings, 20 best results for the monthly rankings, and 100 best results for the yearly rankings. For more complete details, please visit:
Note: Ugly chart that doesn't fit my template will appear at bottom, will fix this later
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