Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aug21 Update 5 more cashes, 3 sats, and a few buys in Cash Grind

Just brief update before I sleep..
Aug 19  MTT Cash   58th of 3041
Aug 20  MTT Cash   14th of 1797, 153.2 TLB points
              2nd of 4 while sleeping! (thanks Pingu!)
              MTT Cash  328th of 2947 (NAPL?)
              1 Satellite
Aug 21  MTT Cash   250th of 2645, 43.98 TLB points
              MTT Cash   55th   of 393,  36.15 TLB points
              2 Satellites
And so far this week, in the Cash Grind: over 5k hands, I'm 30bb/100 at 2nl, 11bb/100 at 5nl, and 9.5bb/100 at 10nl, solid, and up about 4 buyins.  Good recovery from the previous weeks downslope.
Playing more MTT and supplementing with Cash has been working well for me, instead of the other way around.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aug MTT update on PokerStars

ugh, i want my blog colors and setup but need to customize the format so i can change the width when i want to, but will have to spend some time doing that... -EV!!!

Since Aug 1, 2010, I have 46 emails from PokerStars support for MTT and Satellite winnings...the graph that doesn't fit below is TLB for the year.. and I have not yet begun to grind MTT like I can.  I've only played enough to verify that I am going to spend the majority of my time on SNG and MTT, and minority on Cash games.
Highlights: 15 Sunday 1/4 mil sats, 22nd and 10th in Twitter Poker League, 1st and 2nd in Shanoobigans, cashes in NAPL and PokerCast League, 12th, 10th, and 2nd for sizable cashes in large mtt's (2000 to 4500 entrants), etc...
I was going to type in all 46 results, but decided I'd condense with a summary here, and paste the TLB points below, but will still need to fix my blog to accept wider entries.

Better posts tomorrow ... btw, 3200 more hands of Cash to get my Zombie badge on PTR, it's the little things in life :P

Not all of the above points may count toward weekly, monthly or annual Leader Board standings. Only the 10 best results will be counted for the weekly rankings, 20 best results for the monthly rankings, and 100 best results for the yearly rankings. For more complete details, please visit:
Note: Ugly chart that doesn't fit my template will appear at bottom, will fix this later

Monday, August 16, 2010

Following in Boku87's tracks.. MTT and SnG successes on PokerStars

Long ago, I should have accepted that I am much better at tournaments than cash games, and not been so stubborn about making sure I learn to master cash as well. It's been a grueling 6 months in Cash, with taking shots and failing, doing well then being crushed in 1/10th of the time it took me to do well, etc.. Less than stellar results.
Upon returning my focus to Multi-Table Tournaments, and Sit and Go's, I have been doing very well. My ITM% is up to 24% over the past 4 months. My full tracking OPR it has gone up from 13% to 17%. I have cashed 2 to 6 times a day every day in August.
I happily play 6 to 10 tournaments at a time, and it's much more entertaining than the mundane and annoying roller coaster of grinding cash tables!
I'm a lot closer to being able to grind a volume that makes it worthwhile, but for now, trying to grind out an hourly that is worth it, just doesn't compare to playing tournaments and sngs.
More later.. Lot of topics to cover about the differences between Cash and Tournaments, and why people are good at one or the other but usually not both.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Burnout on PokerStars...

It's been a rough month in July. I started playing on Ultimate Bet, 4 tabling with great winrates. I played Rush week with no good results other than volume, but can play 1100 hands/hour there the easiest, so it's the best 'rakeback' farming spot. However, it feels more like a video game to me, than anywhere else becasue of my lack of stats on Rush players in Hold'em Manager. This will change as I get more info, but I'm not sure I'm collecting stats in hands where I quick fold, which will make my reliable stats grow more slowly than a Full Ring table where you always see the results. I started playing some Full Ring to fix my graph on PTR, as it'd be nice to have a current graph without past mistakes bogging it down.
I took a shot at UB.. took my $10 up to about $40, and then tried to Spin Up to a higher stake quickly. This involves risk and should be viewed as 'expendable' money, or similar to investing in volatile stocks. Only invest what you can afford to lose. It didn't work this time, but it will.
I took only my 3rd break from Poker in over 9 months. It was time, I was burning out.
The break was refreshing and I'm recharged and thinking more clearly, more "in the moment" which is necessary to play your A game.
I'll be checking out, and blogging about, the Poker School on PokerStars , and playing in the Twitter Poker League, along with Shenanigans and Shanoobigans tourneys from the 2+2 forums, and grinding cash on the #grindstream at Friendly Poker and my "TheWookieWay" livestream or Chiren80's on FP.

Come join me in any of these locations. See you on the felts.