Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Job, New results from grinding, something has clicked in my head


Some results from last nights epic session, I was running over 100bb/100 at 5nl for a while before falling gradually to 82bb/100 and 69bb/100 and finally dropping to 47bb/100 to end my session after 2 really foolish hands.  This has been a trend that will stop as I learn to just avoid those situations.

I am happy with anything over 15bb/100 at 5nl, as it's my unluckiest stake, but will try to post a few more sessions like this for all to see ;)

I have a new job coming up that will severely restrict my playtime/grindtime at poker, but I think this will actually work to my advantage, as I will be more focused when I play, and the shorter sessions will actually help me to play more efficiently.
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