Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life is crazy~!! Running out of time to sleep, no room on my schedule ...

I've been playing a bit on Ultimate Bet, and grinding out some serious winrates (more than 50bb/100 avg for the month so far...) I needed this because I was running so bad at PokerStars for so long that I was beginning to worry too much about my game. I played some RUSH during Rush Week and Full Tilt, but it drives me crazy because you almost have to play by a formula until you get enough data in your database to know how people play.. it's very difficult to get reads and actually play "poker" while playing rush. Though I was easily able to play 1,100 hands/hour on 4 tables a LOT more comfortably than playing on PokerStars with 18 - 24 tables!

I've got a new job coming up that will make me choose a path in the crossroads regarding Poker and the 'rat race'. It's a dream job though, as Head of IT and Developer Support, with a path into programming which is probably where my best skills will be the most useful. So I of course will choose the JOB for now, with Poker on the side. But if anything happens to not work out, I will be in that "you must sink or swim" poker role... not the best of situations, but I often work better under pressure, or at least I did when I was younger....

Blogs to maintain, volume to put in, reading and learning never ends in poker, never ends in the tech world where things change so fast... I really don't have time to sleep! I work all day, everyday, til it's time to sleep, get back up and repeat. Obviously playing Poker while too sleepy is a BAD idea for anyone, as things become less and less efficient, and it only takes 1 big mistake to really cut into or eat ALL of your profits on a given day/session, so a balance must be maintained.
I have usually been an all or nothing kind of guy often, so it will be interesting to see how my scheduling works out :) I feel like a medicine in the cabinet though as I get older .. "keep in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight"
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