Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slave to the Grind

Sometimes, we set goals for ourselves, that are not easy.  Sometimes, we become so focused on those goals, we lose perspective.  Sometimes, the only way through some obstacles in the way of what we want, is through lots of hard work.  Life, is one of those things you just got to find a way to balance.

My current goals are many, lofty, inspiring to some, and should be quite fulfilling in the end.  But for now, I am at a bottleneck.  Until I overcome my current obstacles, or find a way around them, all else is out of reach.  I am focused on overcoming any obstacles.  I am dedicated to this path, and the work required.  I will find the way. 

It is a shame the world revolves around money.  It is a shame that I must conquer these monetary goals now, as they are the gateway to allow me the resources and tools to apply my abilities in making the world a better place.  But it is my reality right now, and there is nothing else to do but move forward.

Apparently, this is also a walk a must make alone, for now.  So be it.
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