Monday, May 3, 2010

So much to cover, brief update: PokerStars, Full Tilt, Scoop, BankRoll, etc

I have a list of things written down to cover, but it will take me all week to catch up probably.

First thing first:  NBC HeadsUp Challenge.. after almost qualifiying to appear on TV, I hardly got to watch any of it :(   I really need TIVO or to set up a DVR on my PC.  Congrats to Annie Duke on taking down the victory!

Televised Poker: A whole lot of my friends and poker associates watch poker ONLINE. which has EPT, NAPT, etc, Poker Channel ATDHE , 247poker , or even live feeds from WPT, LA Poker Classic, Bay101 Shooting stars, or Livestreams like Chiren80 aka Athene and even  TheWookieWay .
Note: I can't link Daleroxxu or he'll call me a fanboy...

Now NAPT was on ESPN, but I missed that. I have been watching for it to be aired again, but ESPN seems to think I'd rather watch the 2009 WSOP AGAIN!  Give me a break!  The only part of that I'd like to see again is the Final Table!  GET A CLUE ESPN!  I can't help but feel whoever is in charge of Poker on TV doesn't play much poker.  Myself, I play every day. I talk to people who play almost as much as I do.  I read several poker forums.  I watch Poker After Dark and have for a couple years.  And you know what is missing the most?
TIMELY broadcasting!  Who wants to listen to old news???  Welcome to 2010, where I can retweet relevant news faster than any major site.
The leader in the future of Poker Broadcasting is going to be the one who can provide a timely turnaround on major productions, and LIVE event coverage like some of the links listed above.  There is NO reason there can't be simulcast concerts, tournaments, meetings, parties, ... you name it, the technology is here NOW.
If the right person isn't listening/reading, then maybe I'll just have to take it upon myself to see it done right ;)  I *did* have other plans though...

The Big Game is going to be the next big thing in High Stakes Poker type action, and I look forward to qualifying for this one, as it would be a HUGE boost to starting a career in poker :)  Certainly much more rockstar'ish than grinding the micro stakes (shoot me now!)
PokerStars is going to provide a qualifier with $100,000 buy in for the Big Game, and any profit they make over the initial $100,000 (that I hear they have to return) they get to keep for themselves.  I wonder how many people are going to get to experience playing with the pros on TV, let alone the chance to win a lot of money.  Poker is a game with a lot of variance, so even the worst player could have a GREAT day!  But it should make for good TV too.

I recently did well in a tourney, where I got well under 4BB, and made a nice comeback, to further add to the argument that you only need a chip and a chair to have a chance at victory.  I had some hands marked for posting to illustrate this, but due to bankroll issues, my priorities changed, and this got pushed to the back burner.  I will revisit this one likely soon, due to the SCOOP tournaments that started today.

Bankroll issues! Run Bad! Variance! Mistakes!  LEAKS!  Playing while too sick! Family problems. Frustration with a lack of consistency, etc etc etc ... quite a recipe for a bad beat story, eh?
Rather than waste time on a bad beat story, I'll focus on some of the leaks I found in my game.
LOOSE vs tight players, or TIGHT vs loose players.  The biggest part of my problem with lack of progress has been this.  When you play LOOSE tables (or fish with gamble-itis) you should be playing tigther, more premium hands. When you play TIGHT tables with a bunch of nit regs, you should be playing a little looser, albeit carefully and wisely.  I was doing exactly the opposite.  Tightening up on the nits, getting no where, and loosening up on the fish/gamblers, and experiencing HIGH VARIANCE.  Nothing worse than playing well, and being 15+ buyins UNDER EV.  This will truely test your patience and resolve when starting out in poker trying to build a bankroll.

I'll hopefully catch up with some detailed posts on certain subjects that a lot of beginners have been asking me, and that I am more than willing to share what I have learned so far.  There is so much to know about poker overall, just pertaining to No Limit, let alone all the other variations.  I feel like I have been studying in College for over a year now.  And yet, I still have a baker's dozen books and magazines to catch up on, and plenty to think about and discuss with other poker players.  See you next post.
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