Sunday, May 16, 2010

Poker relates to life so often.. but then maybe a lot of other things do, too?

Before I start my grind on PokerStars I thought I'd share some thoughts that relate to every day life as much as to poker.

Making the right choices all of the time.  Doing the right thing is worthwhile, even when you think no one cares or benefits from it.  YOU benefit from making the right decisions even when you don't see it.  The same is true in poker, where you will do best by making the right choices all of the time.  There are of course, exceptions to every rule, and common sense will help you here, but in general, the more you make the right choices in poker, the less of a problem you will have with variance, which is already bad enough on its own, so no need to make it worse with a few wrong choices :)

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