Saturday, May 15, 2010

Editorial.. Fish drvin' me crazy!

Some rambling thoughts about poker..

I grind.  Everyday.  For hours.  I play tournaments.  Several a week.  I cash in some, but haven't taken down anything sizable yet.

I get to deal with fish everyday.  Especially at 2nl on PokerStars and it drives me nuts.  Fish do crazy things, and get lucky.  And you get to deal with higher variance.  In the long run, you'll make more than the fish, but in the short term, certain fish can leave a big dent in your days profit.  They can also lose some rediculous pots to you.  It takes money to make money.  But I usually have a more relaxed time when NOT playing fish.  I prefer to play good players.  Then it's more like a game of Chess, and less like a game of CRAPS!  Crapshoots are not for me.

Software.  I used to complain about PokerStars software, until I played on Full Tilt.  I had an install bug with HEM where I could run Full Tilt once, but after that I would get an error, and could not get around it until I uninstalled and reinstalled the software.  Finally after about a week of asking for help and uninstalling and reinstalling software, we finally got the HEM fix that stopped this bug from occuring.
However, when multitabling on Full Tilt, you cannot easily cycle through the tables.  As you cycle forward or backwards, the z-order of the windows is changed! So you can't cycle back two tables to a table you were on, because the order changes, and it takes a while to find, and something else may take you away from that table when you find it, and start the process all over again!   PokerStars, does not have this problem! 
Why Full Tilt has not fixed this problem is beyond me.  More people being able to multitable = more rake for Full Tilt, so it's in their best interest, as it increases happiness of their grinders as well.   You can only play 16 cash tables max on Full Tilt, whereas on PokerStars you can play 24.

HEM is faster if you vacuum your database regularly (at least once a week as often as I play) but making the suggested buffer size changes in the advanced help, does the most good to avoid lag at more than 16 tables!

I wish TN would fix their set aside table slots.  I'm tired of the bugs associate with that, where you move a table and then can't view it as it redraws scrambled, and you have to move it again to get it to redraw.

Good BankRoll management is a must for a poker pro, but watching your PTR too closely is not conducive to playing well.  Play the best you can in the time allotted for as long as you are able to play your A game.  Then stop.  Take a break, mix in some reading, keep your mind healthy and alert.  Don't play sick, while drinking, while heavily distracted, etc....

So often, the thing I help people with the most, is keeping a positive mindset in spite of fish sucking out and getting lucky ;)  .... I have seen every kind of bad beat you can think of in the 300,000 hands i've played in the last 9 months. 
Some people should play tournaments, some should play cash games, and very few will be good at both.  My insistence to be good at both is part of my trouble, but I have goals and will meet them.  Sometimes I have to do things the hard way before deciding the easy way is best, but such is life. 

Review your hand histories.  Talk to people about them.  Read about poker offline where you have more time to think things through.  Continue to work hard, as that is what it takes to be great these days at Poker. 

May the flop be with you!
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