Saturday, March 20, 2010

I have some catching up to do!!

PokerStars is talking about a Twitter Freeroll, Twitter League... stay tuned for further details. Sounds like fun!

Friendly Poker invaded a couple more freerolls this week... one was an ambitious $3 rebuy! I placed 37th for $153, Liam placed 28th, and 3j55 placed 12th for $441 !
We had hopes that 3 of us would make the final table for an epic story, but sometime soon, we'll manage this.

I have help almost 90 people start their bankrolls through the Friendly Poker Community, but now I am myself struggling with 25nl. Sometimes up, sometimes down, but on a downward trend this week. It's time to ship it, or move down!!

I have been helping new players, and did not plan on doing any coaching until my graph was impressive, and my bankroll had a bit more cushion, but I have been helping a couple people through those early speedbumps you encounter when you get started playing poker for money ;)

For now, I am concentrating on my game. I have played 75k hands so far this month, and should be far ahead of where I am now. I'm down 5 buyins since I moved up to 25nl, and if I drop 2 more, it's time to move back to 10nl for a while. It sucks for an aspiring pro, but it's the most important part of bankroll management.

I may actually get some coaching for the first time... just maybe!
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