Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friendly Poker weekly tournaments, staking and Winners!

Over at Friendly Poker where we hang out and chat about poker, and WoW occasionally, Chiren80 has started a weekly 'staking' tournament deal where the members of community who fit certain criteria get staked in one of the $1+Rebuy tournaments on PokerStars and I do my part to help those that don't meet these requirements.

Today was the first of those, and quite a few people cashed, including yours truly (zombparadox) and 1 person that I staked.
The big news, though, was Timon1044 took down the victory for $1500+ !! Not bad, eh? Expect to see more Friendly Poker people at cash tables and in tournaments like this one.

I will be organizing some tournaments myself, or similar staking deals. It is a great community and you should check it out if you have spare time ;) Nothing more fun that having a bunch of your online friends rail ya during a deep run :)

Chiren80, a PokerStars Online Pro, occasionally livestreams and is VERY entertaining here
Feel free to come check it out, we are very new player friendly :)
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