Tuesday, March 30, 2010

22 hour work day. Focused. Efficient.

It was a long birthday, but it was fulfilling.  I've had to put a hold on helping others until my bankroll is healthier.  I've shared a considerable portion so far, but this will have to be put on hold until I'm more secure.

We had the first annual Wookie's Bday  Tourney for $1 over at Friendly Poker .  Maybe by next year I'll have a freeroll!  It was a lot of fun.   We have been wanting to battle it out amongst our friends for a while.  We'll be setting up some weekly tournaments starting this weekend, and mix those in with Chiren80's events and hopefully Chipstar1's as well.  That should keep us entertained!

I'm a little impressed at how much every has improved since January.  It's good to see everyone advancing their game, controlling their tilt, making progress, and enjoying da GAIMZ!! :D  The tournament really brings out the competitive side in some more than others ;)  I felt like I had a target on my back the whole time!  Next time, I'll put a bounty on myself and make it official so there's no question!

I did more research than work today, but it'll pay off.  I came close to advancing in 'the Big Game' today. Need to focus on that one tomorrow.  Need a battle plan NOW for SCOOP (have 4 tickets to use so far), and for WSOP satellites!  In addition, I need to solidly build my bankroll.  Lots of work ahead.
I started playing some S&G's today.. 6 cashes out of 11 tourneys, two 3rd, two 2nd, and two 1st for 180 leaderboard points.  need around 530 for first atm.. I think this is very doable in 20 tourneys.   I will probably play enough for High Orbit too (100games) for both leader boards on the micro level ($1.20), and then move on to the $3, repeat, and then evaluate my progress and future plans for Cash Games or Sit & Gos.

I'm going to start listing those books that I recommend for all those asking me about what to read, aside from forums.

Just a quick report, as I've been up almost 24 hours and time for sleep.  Sweet dreams.
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