Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10nl GRIND.. FriendlyPoker.net, Reading

So I've been on this grind lately. Trying to get out of 10NL. I will be so happy when I finally move up. I would play longer sessions to get there sooner, but .. my winrate drops frequently the longer I play, and it definitely slows down when all the short stackers move in about 2 to 3am PST.
I hear Daylight Savings is on Mar14th. (tangent)

Lots of friends at www.friendlypoker.net and good to have people to chat with about poker. I have been helping others get started by loaning them $1.10 to get them started. $46 sent out so far. $7 refunded so far.

Reading, and more reading. Lots of CardPlayer and Bluff magazines to catch up on. Need to make a run to the bookstore, or order on Amazon, some new books to read.

Still working on GoldStar this month. Just bought my last $10 Stellar Reward, and working on the first $50 reward. Thank you PokerStars.

Just a brief update, and back to the grind...
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