Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday update, building BR, NBC HU final tomorrow

On PokerStars, there is a nice qualifier for the NBC Heads Up challenge. I made it through the final. Winner of the final, tomorrow, gets to be on TV. That would be a real boost to the poker career ;)

I made it through a field of 8500 to qualify for the NAPT final (freeroll), and got 53rd of 508 there.

Was running decent in the Meet Joe Cada in Vegas final until the migraine set in. FAIL there, but did qualify for the NAPT final at the same time. Once again, ran better until I started adding more tournaments to keep busy. So easy to make a mistake when chatting to much in 1 tourney while big hand in another tourney. Though I am better at controlling this link, there is still room for improvement.

BR is building nicely. It was a hectic bad start of the year, but much improved since February as I started practicing BankRoll management like a religion, which it must be for anyone living off their bankroll.

EATING is -EV! Just like drinking, I need to wait 60 mins before trying to play after eating, or waking up. I didn't realize how huge this was until recently. All my bad sessions came from playing sleepy/too long, or from playing right after I eat.
Will change this to eat, then nap, then a WALK to wake up, THEN poker. I'll report back later on how this is going.

Staying away from negative people is like staying away from bad beats. It's not something you can control, but you can choose to not let it affect you. There will always be negative people that need to learn things in their own time. I wish them the best.
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