Saturday, February 20, 2010

Variance is a ... what a week, 5500vpp in 2 weeks??

Variance. Sucks. Ass.
I have been having a good and a bad week, all in the same week. Beating 10nl for 6-11bb/100 .. and then... -10bb/100 ... up and down sessions. I'm good at ignoring bad beats most of the time, but when you are down 7 buyins IN A ROW, it can get to you. If you let it.

To clear my deposit bonus, in 2 weeks, I have to clear 5500vpp!!! that's 15 hours a day at 10nl, even playing 650 hands/hour! I will be on a grinding marathon until I get back to 25nl. However, my Bankroll was up to 270, but is now back down to 160. That's 11 buyins total I'm down. Oy vey!

Friendly Poker has released FPCoach, to help beginners get up to speed in preparation for further levels of training for Poker. "It's all about da GAIMZ!"

"You are pro, or noob. That is life!" - Chiren80
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