Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Online Pro Chiren80 makes Unsolvable Riddle for Tourney Password

Chiren80, otherwise known as Athene (the greatest paladin from WoW?), had a Freeroll for the poker community at FriendlyPoker It was invaded by about 600+ freeroll farmers.
So to make sure that didn't happen again, he made a very tough riddle to solve in order to the pass, and he would release clues until the day of the tourney before releasing the password. There is also a $50 bounty for the first person to register for the tournament. The prizepool is $1,337 (aka a LEET amount).

It's been 3 days and no one, out of over 200 + people, has figured out the password. There have been 7 hints now as well.
Feel free to try the riddle yourself. I suspect even you Mensa types will have your fairshare of trouble with this one. If you have known Athene for a long time, you may have an advantage, then again, that may be meaningless too. I wonder how many message boards this riddle has been already posted on?

Many of the faithful members of this community believe this is just the BEST TROLL EVER! (that is apparently not the pass either... )
People have been so unsuccessful at this, that he's even made some humorous videos like this one about even Hitler not finding the password!

Will his community believe his pw is NOT lame as he says? or will they hold this against him for a long time to come? I guess we'll see...
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