Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's the small things in life.... and NAPT comments

Listening to, and sometimes watching, the NAPT live commentary here: http://www.napt.com/tv/

Just watched Mercier put Moneymaker all in with KK vs AKcc .. and Moneymaker made a Royal Flush! Sometimes, you just KNOW a certain card is coming, call it out, and BAM, there it is!

PokerStars announces SCOOP schedule here: 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule

I currently have at least 3 tickets for this event, possibly 4, and will see how many more events I can afford by the time it gets here. It seems it was last year at this time when I REALLY got into playing poker, playing plenty of Hubbles freerolls, reading everything I could, like CardPlayer, Bluff, 2+2 Poker Forums, etc etc etc
What a year it's been!

I remember it like a year of college. Lots of studying and spending MONEY! I think it was as little cheaper, having only cost me 1 semesters worth of investment financially, but just as much time studying. I feel so much better to where I am now, and am happy with my choices for the most part. Some of the mistakes I had to learn the hard way, will serve me well later, when I have more to lose.

Last weekend, I had a horrible ride on the Variance train, to the tune of being down 15 buyins! It was so bad, I took a break for a couple days, even though I am on a tight schedule!

Today, I had a much better day, took some time out and little of my BR to invest in playing tournaments, which I am much better at than cash. And I CASHED in 4 tournaments (making 3 Final Tables), and just missed a 5th cash by 2 people. It seems easier NOT being the bubble boy even though you are 1 more spot away from cashing. But it was a good day after a good night of grinding followed by a good day of tournaments.

There was an interesting thing I noted today in the Freerolls. SOOO many people were playing SHOVE OR FOLD. Right from the start and throughout the tournament! Interesting. It's much harder to play against people playing like this, trying to force you into coin flips.
But, you can still pick your spots wisely, and use your patience to overcome their insistence on using luck, which is why playing poker is clearly a game of skill! Isn't it???
And doesn't that relate to so many areas of life? Contracts, Record Deals, Marketing, Relationship Decisions?
There are many relationships between Poker and Life. Maybe that's why the game is still around...
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