Thursday, January 28, 2010

WBCOOP Event #4 NL HE Results (short n sweet!)

I'm going to cheat to make a fast and easy to read post:

#WBCOOP #Event 4 is done, and made it all the way up to 2nd before giving in to barrelproof7 who won after 5.5hrs

#WBCOOP GuiPon7 3rd, Stuart_Ungar 4th, and moondino 5th to round out the top 5. See you all tomorrow, blog post soon on Poker Paradox

@tricolor69 Grats on 11th

In other brief news over at Friendly Poker . net
Our beloved friend Maral is going to China to help people and do something rewarding. Nice example from a nice person :) We'll miss you but will keep in touch!

Chiren80, new PokerStars Online Pro, (with pretty green chat and hosting freerolls for several hundred friends and the russian mob..) went to PokerStars again, for an 'awkward' meeting .. things didn't quite go as planned... view here :)

We'll have to make sure to link those "hot babes" tomorrow :P They seem to be pretty popular on poker blogs lately... maybe we'll throw in a guitar playin dude for the ladies as well ;)

Actually, I came across this gem, and have borrowed an image from PokerStars for good luck, Michelle Orpe :)
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