Monday, January 25, 2010

WBCOOP starts Today!

With events covering the next 7 straight days, the WBCOOP Event #1 starts today at 5pm EST with No Limit Hold'em. There will be a Pot Limit Omaha for Event #2, and an 8 game mixed for Event #5, with the remainder of the events being NoLimit Hold'em.

I personally will be playing, though I am at work for the first 5 days! OI! I will certainly do my best to report here on my blog, and on Twitter, where you can follow if you like

My screenname on PokerStars is ZomBParadox. I know some of the competition, and it should be a very interesting tourney. I should have studied the blind structure.. perhaps I should do that now?

Stay tuned for more!

If you'd like to join us and haven't yet, click on a PokerStars banner and come rail me!

Tip of the day: I mark everyone I play through the player notes, and it helps me to remember where I've seen them before and how they play. I color code the shortstackers in orange, the sharks in red, and the fish in blue! (maybe fish in light blue)
I use a code like this for the text " ? 80k f "
?= tournament, c= cash, 6m = 6max, f=freeroll, .02 =stake, etc

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