Sunday, January 31, 2010

WBCOOP Event 7 the Main Event 11.5 hours! +BABES

Meet Sin. Watch out when Sin is in heat! This reminds me, since I missed PCA this year, I need a vacation!!
It was literally in the 11th hour, after an 11.5 hour marathon, BelaLany, from Munich, takes down the WBCOOP Main Event. Like all the other WBCOOP events, it was a mostly pleasant affair, with the majority of the people happy to playing and enjoying one anothers company while playing poker. As it should be!
I only cashed twice in these events my self, but I am +2 on @Daleroxxu for Last Longer prop bets. And I understand that because of MI_Turtle, I am entitled to my share of $1,000 from his lost prop bet.. somewhere in the range of a Buck Fifty! Thanks MI_Turtle :)
All the bloggers were getting rummy on the reporting towards the end, and I am now reaching that point myself. So without further ado, I big you GOODNIGHT!
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