Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WBCOOP Event #3 short day of it! (Sleepwalking, Sleeptyping, Sleepbluffing)

I missed the first 5 mins of the tourney, and then couldn't get a foothold, but did pull off a hand or two like this, which seem to be the only type of hands I won, (ie. made hands):

I tried to get it in good, in between yawns, but this was fatal mistake number one, between yawns and work distractions... did I already say I was falling asleep during this tourney? *yawn*

zzzzz... humfh? what what? I'm awake, is it time to go to work?? Oh. Right. Tourney. I'm not dreaming this like I was dreaming about the million dollars in my PokerStars account.
More of this:
Dealt to ZomBParadox [Kc 9c]
astaroth75: folds
skin1972: folds
05T05T: folds
jomue: folds
VZimber: folds
jomue said, "ty"
ZomBParadox said, "ul for me to get that there :p"
Juan Albiero: raises 30 to 60
ZomBParadox: calls 60
toksikoz: folds
rVTm: folds
*** FLOP *** [3s 4d Jd]
ZomBParadox said, "but that's poker!"
Juan Albiero: bets 330
ZomBParadox said, "you bluffin again juan?"
ZomBParadox: folds
Uncalled bet (330) returned to Juan Albiero
Juan Albiero collected 165 from pot

Things are not going well (card dead) when I try to feed the egos of the megalomaniac (did I really just quote Phil Helmuth??)
"ZomBParadox said, "so i've met my match with the only 2 people at my table not sitting out :P""

Bosses house for a BBQ last night, long commute, lack of sleep it taking it's toll.. where was I ? oh yean...

I win a hand with trip threes, win a hand with AQ unimproved,

The cry was heard ... "ZomBParadox said, "new dealer, new seat please!!",

Let's try not to get unlucky and run into another set, let's make a good read with our AJ on an A K x board...

I put him on a JJ+! I was right! Kind of. Just remember, sometimes when you are right, you will still lose! (that's your Poker tip of the day for playing Blogsnoozaments)

meanwhile AKSpark and skllzdatklls were swapping the lead, but Skllz has a resounding lead 145k to AK's 90K as they approach the money.

We'll see how short of a catnap I can take and check on them after.
-Rip Van Wookie .. hey, where did this beard come from???

(edit: I fixed spacing and will try a brighter hand converter, after my nap!)
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