Monday, January 25, 2010

WBCOOP Event #1 Results

After a mere 7 hours and 3 mins.. We finally have a winner for the first WBCOOP of 2010.
Congrats to DevlsBnkroll for takin it down ! Watch out for those ZomB'ies though in future events!

Results: for the top 10...

1. DevlsBnkroll (Casselberry)
2. kevin070 (Milford)
3. pincharrata1 (Zarate)
4. Zomb2e (Gyenesdiás) <- ZOMB NATION!!
5. angeloviana (viana do castelo)
6. Ty,DeShields (Concord)
7. themrx (Erfurt)
8. LRM)MaNiaTiC (Benidorm)
9. tafkaa (Freiburg)
10.Lutos87 (Gyenesdiás)

2nd through 9th got a $215 Scoop Ticket,
10th through 36th got a $33 Scoop Ticket,
37th through 63rd got a $16.50 Sccop Ticket,
and 64th through 153rd got an $11 Scoop Ticket. <- I cashed out 139th.

And, best of all, it was fun! Most good natured tournament I've ever been in. I hope it's like this all week!
Oh, and did I mention, that I had won my Last Longer prop bet with Daleroxxu? I wonder how many times he'll pay me off before he stops betting me? I wonder if I can get MI_Turtle on the bandwagon too?? :)
But seriously, it was a BRILLIANT tournament and I look forward to ... SLEEP!
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